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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Parents Toolshop

30 Days To Parenting Success

Respond Effectively to ANY  Parenting

Challenge, No Matter How Difficult,

So You Can Parent Easier and

with Less Stress


Discover a Step-by-Step Plan, to

Get the Results You Deserve in Your Parenting

AND Resolve [at Least] One of Your Biggest Parenting Challenges!




Dear Parent:

Do you want to be the best parent you can be but are so busy, stressed and overwhelmed by life, in general, that you find yourself getting so frustrated when parenting challenges arise that you say or do something you wish you hadn’t?

Is there one parenting challenge that keeps cropping up that you aren’t handling as well as you would like to?

Are you stumped about what to do in order to get your child to behave better?

Are you struggling to make sense of all of the conflicting parenting books, advice from friends and family, and various experts’ discipline philosophies and opinions?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, judged, unsure of whose parenting strategy to follow, and not sure what really works?



Parents Toolshop 30 Day Challenge



If you’re wondering who I am and why I am qualified to help you, I want to assure you that I’ve been educating and supporting parents for over 30 years. Tens of thousands of parents have gotten amazing results in my live workshops–literally everyone has seen improvement.

Not everyone can take my live classes, and some people don’t know me or my programs from Adam! Maybe that’s you! That’s why I’m offering a free, 30-day mini-course, so you can get the most important tools you need to get noticeable results in [at least] one area of your parenting.


The 30-Days “To Parenting Success” Course contains daily lessons through which you’ll learn how to respond helpfully to ANY parenting issue, no matter how long you’ve been dealing with it. You’ll also know exactly what to say and do in the trickiest of parenting situations.

Here’s how to register…1.  When you click on “Click here to register now,” you will be taken to the shopping cart to fill out a form so you will receive e-mail reminders about the lessons.
2.  Fill out a sign-up form to become an official member of the 30-Days “To Parenting Success” Course.  Please read the “terms of service” and then check of the “I agree to the terms of service” box prior to hitting submit.3.  On the confirmation page there is a link to the discussion forum.  Click on that link and set up your forum account based on the instructions given on the confirmation page or your Welcome e-mail.  The forum is where you will be able to post questions and get and give support.

Here’s how it works…

First…You will receive one lesson every day, for 30 days. Although the lessons are short and can be completed within 30 days, you can take as much time as needed to complete them. Within the first 7 lessons, you’ll learn important information that will change the way you think, the way you speak, and the way you act as a parent. By changing the way you respond, your child must and will change his or her response to you — and his or her behavior will automatically improve.  By the end of the 30 lessons, you will know a good overview of the basics and will be able to identify problem types and the best tool to use to deliver an effective response.

Second…You have an option to complete Action Steps at the end of each lesson to apply what you learn to your family. If you choose to post your answers in the discussion forum you will also get support for any of your parenting challenges and get your questions answered by certified Parents Toolshop® Leaders.  You will gain more confidence using the skills taught in the lessons by completing the Action Steps and therefore you will start to feel a sense of inner peace more quickly.

Third…After completing all 30 lessons and the Action Steps , you will have resolved one or more of your most frustrating parenting challenges. You will be well on your way to parenting easier and feeling more confident about being a parent than ever before.


I’m not going to give you recycled, simplistic answers that you’ve heard before and frankly, haven’t worked. Lots of experts can tell you how they’d solve a specific parenting challenge. But once the expert is no longer there, or your child moves to another developmental stage with different needs, then what? You’re back where you started–frustrated, and no closer to a lasting solution.

I will teach you a comprehensive system that will help you respond helpfully to ANY parenting challenge, no matter what the age of your child(ren), and no matter how frustrated you are.

I’ll reveal my unique Universal Blueprint® for handling all kinds of parenting challenges, from tantrums and power struggles, to talking back and refusing to do chores. Best of all, you’ll not only know how to confidently handle the specific parenting situation you focus on in the 30-Day Course, but you’ll know what to say and do in ANY parenting situation that may arise in the future. Even if that kind of problem may have stumped you in the past, you’ll know how to use this unique problem-solving system and tailor it to your needs.

You’ll know in minutes — even seconds — exactly how to respond in the most helpful, healthy way possible.  Most importantly, you’ll also know how to prevent parenting challenges from occurring in the first place! So parenting can be fun, enjoyable and rewarding again (or maybe for the first time)!


Raising a child to be a mature, responsible, well-adjusted
adult is
THE most important job you will EVER have;
and probably the most challenging


Don’t you and your child deserve the chance to have the closest relationship with as few hassles as possible? It can happen — and doesn’t have to take a lifetime to achieve!

In Just a Few Minutes Each Day, You Will…

  • Remove the stumbling blocks that are preventing you from parenting easier and enjoying being with your children.
  • Discover the 3 questions to ask and answer in any parenting challenge so you know exactly why your child is acting that way.
  • Know which of 5 steps to take to respond helpfully to your child in that situation.
  • See your children doing their chores and homework without you having to nag, yell, or bribe.
  • Prevent tantrums and power struggles from occurring, and know exactly how to stop them when children test you.
  • Hear your children tell you about their feelings with less drama!
  • Say goodbye to lecturing AND the resulting “parent deafness.”
  • Discipline without being the bad guy and see how self-disciplined your child can actually be!

…and the best part is…it’s FREE!

In addition to all I’ve already mentioned, you’ll also get dozens of FREE BONUSES, including:

  • Entertaining and informative audio and video clips from my live classes, so you feel like you are right there with us!
  • Special reports and articles that tell you how to resolve some of the most common challenges parents face.
  • A comment section where you can meet other parents, get (and give) support, and get advice from me, the author, and other certified Parents Toolshop® Leaders.
  • A personalized one-on-one Strategy session at the end.
Just imagine…30 Days from now, you will no longer be dealing with one of your most frustrating parenting challenges. The same tools that you’ll use to conquer your challenge will forever be in your parenting toolbox, AND you’ll know exactly when and how to use them


So get the support and tools you deserve, to do one of the most important jobs ever.




Parents Toolshop 30 Day Challenge


I look forward to supporting you in parenting easier and helping you raise responsible, respectful children.


To Your Parenting Success!