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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Parents Toolshop

7-Day Free Course

 UNLOCK the Secrets to Parenting Success:

7 Keys to Building Healthy Family

Relationships — from the Foundation Up!

Animated Hose Lock & Key


Parenting is quite possibly the most challenging “job” on earth; it is certainly the most important. It’s also one of the only jobs that involves being totally responsible for taking care of another human being with no training or preparation! 

That’s why, when problems arise, you try to do what seems to make the most sense, but sometimes find out later that the results were less desirable than you hoped! So you try something else and see what happens. 

Finally, you simply conclude, “You just have to use trial and error to figure out what works as you go along.” 

By the time you do figure out what works, that child is on to a new stage and you have to start the whole process over again! 

Then the next child comes along, you try what worked with the first child, but this new child is different and you get different results! Argh! You aren’t sure if you should start all over again or if you were on the right track and just need to do something a little different. 

So you conclude what everyone else says and believes, “Every child is different so you have to parent each one differently.” 

You’re frustrated, overwhelmed, worried about what else you might have not done perfectly, what challenges lie ahead and whether you’ll know what to do then. 

What Are You To Do? 

You ask friends and family what they do, but don’t get the same results they do. 

You read articles in newspapers and magazines (mostly in waiting rooms), read books (when you have time!), listen to audios in the car, and record TV shows that might offer some secret tip you’ve not figured out on your own. 

That doesn’t really help either, because the advice in one source conflicts with another. Or they say there is one best response to a particular behavior, but it doesn’t seem to work with your child. 

You want to be the best parent you can be, but the whole process of figuring out “what works” has become so convoluted you just give up and conclude that you just have to use trial and error to figure things out for yourself … alone. 

It seems that maybe Parenting really is some mysterious process that you have to plod through blindly or at least be less-equipped than you’d like. 

But that’s not the only thing that’s tripping you up! There’s the stuff that happens that makes you scratch your forehead and say, “What the heck!?” You know what I mean…

  • You praise your child or give a compliment and get an argument or “No, I’m not!” in return.
  • You just got done telling your child not to do something or to stop doing something and then they turn around and do it anyway!
  • You’ve told your child “a million times” now, but it’s like talking to a brick wall! The child must be doing this deliberately, right?
  • Or you catch your child red-handed, in the act and ask “Why?” in a curious tone of voice. All you get is “I don’t know” or “I didn’t do it!” as a response. Really?! You are getting lied to? Right to your face!? You weren’t even mad before, but now that they are lying to you, you are boiling! 

No, there haven’t been hidden cameras in your home…there’s no psychic mind-reading going on…and YOU AREN’T THE ONLY PARENT EXPERIENCING THIS! 


Now, Imagine If… 

  • There are universal principles of effective parenting and human behavior that apply to every child?
  • It is possible to prevent most of the common parenting challenges parents face.
  • There is a systematic way to know how to respond to every parenting challenge in a completely individualized way that fits your situation with your child?
  • You can feel prepared for any parenting challenge that might come your way, before it arrives?
  • You had a parenting plan that you could follow and in a matter of seconds know what was happening, why it was happening, and exactly what to say and do to respond in a helpful way. 


How Would That Change Your Experience as a Parent? 

Jody Pawel with toolsHi, I’m Jody Johnston Pawel, a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Family Life Educator and one of only a few second-generation parent educators in the world. 

For over 30 years, I have been teaching tens of thousands of parents and family-professionals worldwide the practical tools of effective parenting, based on my award-winning book, The Parent’s Toolshop®: The Universal Blueprint® for Building a Healthy Family. 

“The Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success” is the once-secret formula for planning individualized effective responses to any parenting challenge.

I kept it a secret during a ten-year research project where we tracked the results of almost 2000 parents who had learned it. The statistics were off-the-charts, unlike anything the United Way had ever seen before (they were our program’s funder). I realized then it was a disservice to keep it under wraps, wrote The Parent’s Toolshop® book, and started certifying Parents Toolshop® parent educators worldwide. 

Today, you have the opportunity to get a quick-start preview of this amazing problem-solving, decision making system. 


In Just 5 Minutes A Day, For 7 Days

You Can Learn The Seven Simple Secrets to

Parenting Success That Will Have You

Thumping Your Forehead Saying,

“Why Didn’t Someone Ever Tell Me This Before?!”


The Universal Blueprint® problem-solving system and its tools are straight-forward and quite simple to understand, once you learn them, which only takes minutes! 

This FREE 7-Day E-course is designed to be a quick preview of the Universal Blueprint®, so you can check it out, understand what it is and why it works, along with some practical tools and tips that can start getting you better results right away! 

It will be well worth the few minutes you devote each day over the next seven days to become familiar with this amazing system. 


When You Register For The Free 7-Day E-course You Will Discover: 

  • How to become a Conscious Parent, who is proactive and responds helpfully to challenges, instead of reacting. (Day 1)
  • How to set a solid foundation with your parenting styles and the three questions you must ask and know how to answer when facing a parenting challenge — which will lead you to an individualized response, specific to the needs of your child, the situation and your rules and values. (Day 2)
  • The three “toolsets” and four five-star tools that can prevent problems, increase each family member’s self-esteem, get more cooperation — without testing, power struggles, bribes, incentives, rewards, payoffs or stickers — and develop children’s independence and responsibility. (Day 3)
  • How to Empower Your Children with critical decision-making skills and manage their emotions, using a three-step method for effective listening, so children express their feelings appropriately and you have less drama and less-impulsive children. (Day 4)
  • Exactly what to say when there is a problem, including managing stress and anger so everyone stays calmer and assertive communication tools that get across your concerns, without lectures, blame, shame, or threats — so children listen better. (Day 5)
  • The reasons why children misbehave and how to respond without escalating the situation or giving a payoff, including effective discipline tools that develop children’s self-control, self-discipline and self-responsibility. (Day 6)
  • How to follow through with consistency while building teamwork among parenting partners, maintain progress by having productive family councils, and use the Universal Blueprint™ Parenting-Success Formula in adult relationships, to boost your confidence and improve your adult relationships! (Day 7) 


The FREE 7-Day E-course is Designed for Busy Parents in Mind. 

Each short 3-5 page lesson is delivered to your inbox every day and takes less than 5 minutes to read. Every lesson includes:

  • A quick description of each Toolbox and Toolset in the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success System, why you want to use it, so you can understand some of the universal effective-parenting principles that can take your knowledge to a whole new level. Then you will understand why children behave as they do and what you can do to prevent or solve problems that arise.
  • Action Steps to give you practice applying the tools to your family, so you can start seeing results that day!
  • Links to other programs and resources for more advanced training or information, to keep you moving to higher levels of awareness and skill mastery. 


PLUS… You get lots of FREE BONUSES!

  • Chapter 1 of The Parents Toolshop: The Universal Blueprint for Building a Healthy Family so can discover “The 6 Reasons Even Effective Parenting Tools Might Not Work.” This alone will shrink your learning curve and help you pinpoint where a breakdown might be occurring.
  • The Common Sense Guide To Screening & Weeding Parenting Advice so you can bust through parenting myths that can hold you back, keep you in the dark, and prevent you from getting better results.
  • 10 Unique Traits of the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula so you can evaluate whether this is a system you want to adopt, which will then provide you with a reliable plan to follow, from prevention to discipline, diapers to diplomas
  • Free 30 day Trial of Weekly Parent Success Club Support Calls/Webinars so you can ask questions, clarify what you are learning, and see how empowering it is to use the Universal Blueprint® for problem solving. Watch other parents get a “Hug Seat,” a personalized problem-solving session that you will learn from, too!

…and links to other freebies! 


This 7-day e-course is specifically written to be the quickest way to get a snapshot of the one-of-a-kind Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula you can learn nowhere else! It’s FREE, so that’s about as risk-free as an offer can come. 

When you learn these”7 Keys to Building a Healthy Family — From the Foundation Up” — to Unlock the Secrets to Parenting Success:

  • You are open to new ideas.
  • When you are open to new ideas, you are willing to learn new, more-effective skills.
  • When you use these more-effective skills you start getting immediate results.
  • You then smack yourself on the forehead and say, “Why didn’t someone tell me this before!? I didn’t actually need to change much! This is a lot easier!” 

Then you can… 






The next move is up to you. If you’ve read this far, you’re seriously interested in learning how to be the best parent you can be and transforming your parenting into a joy-filled, stress-free experience that will help you achieve all your parenting goals. All you have left to do now is get started.

Complete the opt-in form on this page and your first lesson will arrive in your inbox in minutes!