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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop





The Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula is so effective in empowering parents to find individualized solutions to any parenting challenge that many family-service professionals want to make a career of supporting, guiding, and training parents through a variety of programs (workshops), services (coaching), and resources (articles, books, etc.).

Parents Toolshop® wants to meet the special needs some parents have, based on their life circumstances. So, on our website, we feature certified Parent’s Toolshop® Leaders who have expertise in special parenting issues (i.e., divorce, special needs children, foster parenting) or with parents of a particular language/culture/country (i.e., Chinese Parent’s Toolshop, African-American Parent’s Toolshop).

What Is A Parents Toolshop® Expert?

  1. The Parents Toolshop® Expert Is The Highest Level Of Certification. It is for parent educators who:
        a) Want to build a career and business in parent education that provides full-time income with less-than-full-time
        b) Want to follow what is universally-known to be most-guaranteed path to success — having multiple income streams
            as a parenting author, speaker, and coach.
        c) Have or want to develop their own content and resources for parents.
        d) Want to build their own successful on-line business that ties in with Parents Toolshop® in a mutually-supportive and collaborative relationship.
  2. Parents Toolshop® Experts have expertise serving parents in a specific “target niche market” (such as Divorced Parent’s Toolshop®, Christian Parent’s Toolshop®, Foster Parent’s Toolshop®, etc.) or culture/country/language (such as Romanian Parent’s Toolshop®, Caribbean Parent’s Toolshop®, etc.).

Summary of the Parents Parents Toolshop® EXPERT Certification Process

  1.  Pre-Requisites: (All the training programs listed below are included in the Expert certification package)
        a. Complete the Advanced Support Training and meet all graduation requirements for leaders.
  2. Within 2 years of purchasing the Expert Certification package,  you agree to complete the following training programs in the order of your choosing:
    1. Complete the Advisor Certification Training and all probationary experience requirements. Experts cannot do 1-on-1 coaching until they have completed this level of certification.
    2. Complete the Group Facilitator Certification Training, scoring a 9+ on the group facilitator skill assessment, and all probationary experience requirements. Experts cannot teach live or on-line workshops until they have completed this level of certification.
    3. Complete the Expert Training where you learn how to:
          a.  Start or enhance your own website. Hosting on the PTC blog/hub site is included at no extra charge.
          b. Write Blog Post Articles For Your Niche Category, following a special formula and distributed on the internet following a special               process that boosts search engine results for each post, so top page rank is reached in a matter of months, instead of years.
          c. Become a published author, by writing your own resources and/or co-authoring co-branded resources specifically for your target                 market.
          d. Market your Expert services by receiving training and guidance (directly or indirectly) from a top internet-business coach.
  3. Sign a Parents Toolshop® Expert Service Agreement.

GET STARTED NOW! Request the Leader Application and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once your application is approved, you will be given the links to access detailed information about the certification process. There is no fee or commitment needed to apply.


If You Want to Empower the Parents You Work With,

Join the Parents Toolshop® Team Now!