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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Parents Toolshop

Live Events


For current schedules: CLICK HERE

T.I.P.S. sponsored by Springfield City School District Registration:  CLICK HERE!

On-line registration for S. Dayton parenting classes: CLICK HERE!

Click HERE to download Jody’s FREE speaker kit.

To see a list of (almost) all program descriptions, CLICK HERE 

Parents Toolshop® educational workshops teach practical ways to improve any relationship.Sponsor or attend a workshop for:

  • parents, including step-, single, foster or adoptive parents
  • counselors, family therapists,
  • teachers, early childhood educators,
  • parent educators, family life educators
  • organizational leaders or staff. . . and more…
  • we’ll even custom-design a workshop for your needs!

Scroll down the page to learn about our . . .

Invite Jody Pawel, author of The Parent’s Toolshop, to present a training program at your location! Click HERE to download Jody’s FREE speaker kit.



These popular “full-length” programs are Universal Blueprint® programs that are a minimum of 10 hours long, Each teaches a reliable problem-solving system for preventing and responding to common parenting challenges involving children ages 1-18. Certified Toolshop® instructors lead group discussions about The Parent’s Toolshop readings and conduct experiential practice and individual problem-solving activities. We offer a variety of formats to fit just about anyone’s schedule!   

 The Secrets of Preventing and Stopping Misbehavior: T.I.P.S. (Tools for Improving Parenting Skills) for Frazzled Parents
Our T.I.P.S. series is a  6-8 week evening series that may focus on the developmental issues of parenting children in a focused age range:  (see a sample flyer)

  • T.I.P.S. for Tots (for parents of children 1-5.)
  • T.I.P.S. for Tweens (for parents of children ages 6-12.)
  • T.I.P.S. for Teens (for parents of teens ages 13-18.)

Attendees who attend 75% of the scheduled class hours and actively participate in class receive a Parent’s Toolshop® graduation certificate. Parents Toolshop instructor applicants can apply these hours toward their certification requirementsCEUs are available.

 Secret Recipe for Parenting Success
The Lunch & Learn topic series is a Universal Blueprint® program similar to the T.I.P.S. series, but is not as in-depth and offers the flexibility of attending one or as many sessions as you want. This format works great for business-lunch sessions for working parents.

Attendees who attend 75% of the scheduled class hours and actively participate in class receive a Parent’s Toolshop® graduation certificate. Parents Toolshop instructor  applicants can apply these hours toward their certification requirementsCEUs are available.


 Secrets For Empowering Any Parent or Child
This format is the fastest way to attend a full-length class — but is also the most intensive! In one or two days this Universal Blueprint® program will teach you a reliable formula for finding effective individualized responses to any relationship problem – in seconds! The practical skills you master are useful in any work or home setting, with children of any age or adults. Excellent workshop for parent educators and family professionals!

Attendees who attend 75% of the scheduled class hours and actively participate in class receive a Parent’s Toolshop® graduation certificate. Parents Toolshop instructor  applicants can apply these hours toward their certification requirementsCEUs are available.



Our “Quick Tours” are shorter programs (usually two-hours) that provide an overview or topic focus. The Toolshop®  instructor can custom-design programs to meet the specific needs of the participants. Here are just a few possible topics:

  • Introductory overview of The Parent’s Toolshop
  • Overviews with an age focus (Tots, Tweens, Teens)
  • Detailed focus on one or more “toolsets” or index topics from The Parent’s Toolshop
  • Disciplining with Gospel Values (order the handout, which has scriptural references organized by The Parent’s Toolshop toolsets)
  • Couple communication
  • Single parenting (get the free e-book)
  • Blended families and step-parenting
  • Parenting as a team (read the article or take a parenting styles quiz)
  • Parenting Children with ADHD
  • The Special Language of Effective Parenting
  • Stress/Anger Management (listen to the teleseminar or presentation)
  • Talking to Kids about Sexual Issues
  • The Universal Blueprint® Formula for Promoting Positive Business Relationships 
  • Working with Disruptive Children
  • Why Wait for Warning Signs? Preventing Teen Crises
  • We’ll even custom-design a program to your needs!

To see a list of [almost] all program descriptions, click HERE

To read testimonials from past program sponsors, click HERE

To schedule a presentation or to request more information about speaker fees, click HERE.


 Programs for Parents Toolshop® Graduates ONLY
  • Advanced T.I.P.S. 
    • Review the “4-star tools” from the TIPS class and their advanced uses.

    • Learn additional tools, not covered in the TIPS class and their advanced uses.

    • Practice the skills, in age-specific small group activities.

    • Apply the skills to your family, through individualized group problem-solving and personalized coaching from the author.

  • Teens and Parents — Together: For graduates of the T.I.P.S. for Teens class and their teens. Participants engage in fun, interactive group exercises that teach effective communication and problem-solving skills to teens and their parents. Instructors supervise practice to identify and redirect communication barriers. (This program is offered by request only as a follow-up for graduates.)



 Secrets for Empowering Any Parent–or Child
This 1 or 2-day Universal Blueprint® program for family-service professionals offers an easy, step-by-step, no-fail formula for helping parents find an individualized effective response to any challenge. You get practical solutions to use, model and teach effective parenting skills for life! You can use these tools every time, every day, with tots, teens and in between— adults, too! It’s like dozens of seminars rolled into one–and is completely compatible with theories and practices you’re already using, no matter how diverse a population you serve.Customized workshops are available for: (click links below for lists of programs previously offered these groups)

Continuing Education Credits are available through Ohio Social Worker, Counselor and MFT Board and NCFR CFLE for many programs or when eligible provider(s) sponsor training.  (See a list here.)

Invite Jody Pawel, author of The Parent’s Toolshop, to offer a professional training program at your location! Click HERE to download Jody’s FREE speaker kit.



 Staff Training: Your Team Can be One Big (Happy) Family

That’s right. Family! From hair-raising tensions, competition, jealousy and power plays to the rich rewards of cooperation, productivity and achieving common goals … it’s all here.

This “Business Toolshop” is a Universal Blueprint® program that teaches a reliable  problem-solving system that has been quickly adopted by business owners, managers, non-profit directors — and more — with the same astonishing results … at work and at home! It’s completely compatible with human resource programs you’re already using.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Ask three simple questions that help solve any relationship problem
  • Identify five types of relationship styles and their impact on your team
  • Recognize and respond instantly to problem behaviors
  • Avoid common pitfalls that can turn a dialogue into disaster
  • Help others resolve conflicts without giving advice or taking over
  • Move way beyond trial and error–use these exciting solutions every time, everyday!

Invite Jody Pawel, author if The Parent’s Toolshop, to offer a training program for your staff. Click HERE to download Jody’s FREE speaker kit.


Many people think parenting classes will be philosophical and boring, but a Parent’s Toolshop® skill-building workshop is a dynamic experience! Parents participate in interactive activities, small group discussions, and practice exercises. This comprehensive practical parenting curriculum has been proven successful in bringing significant skill improvement to thousands of parents in over 10 years of field tests.Only certified Parents Toolshop® instructors can teach Universal Blueprint® programs, which teach a problem-solving process so effective, parent educators can use and model its skills to teach the process to parents. To maintain the high quality and positive reputation of The Parent’s Toolshop, PTC screens all potential instructors, who complete a comprehensive certification process, offered exclusively by Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, author of The Parent’s Toolshop.Instructor certification training participants will learn . . .

  • To increase participants’ knowledge of and skill in using the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula to help parents plan helpful responses to problems.
  • To increase participants’ ability to model and use the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula  and its tools in helping relationships.
  • How be an effective speaker, dynamic group discussion leader, and lead interactive activities that teach skills.
  • The fine details of teaching The Parent’s Toolshop curriculum.
  • How to custom-design a variety of program formats using The Parent’s Toolshop.
  • Effective marketing strategies for starting and building a successful parent education practice.
  • Evaluating the programs’ effectiveness using outcome-focused tools designed by a Ph.D. specialist specifically for Toolshop® programs.
  • How increase participants’ skill in using interactive activities when working with parents in group settings. Participants observe, take part in, and practice leading experiential exercises to use with parents.

This training program is for Toolshop® instructor applicants who have completed the pre-certification process and are interested in providing parent education and family life education programs based on The Parent’s Toolshop curriculum.

CEU credits are available for the pre-certification training and both the in-person and video certification training. For a full description of the Parent’s Toolshop® Instructor Certification Training program, click HERE.

To learn more about becoming certified to teach The Parent’s Toolshop, click HERE for more details.