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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

The Parent’s Toolshop® Entire Home Study Package

If you’re not interested in this special One-Time-Offer, then scroll to the bottom of this page and click the “NO THANKS” button.


IMPORTANT, Before You Continue…

You’re only going to see this page once ever,

so please read every word carefully.

It’s that important!








If You

Choose to Take The Entire


Parent’s Toolsbook_coverhop®

    Home Study









(Instead of Just One Toolbox in the Universal Blueprint® System)


You Can SAVE OVER $100 on Tuition


Get Live Weekly Support For A Full Year


You know that using all the pieces of a proven system will get you better results than just using a few parts.

Since you just made the decision to get one Toolbox in The Parent’s Toolshop®’s Universal Blueprint®, you obviously want all the detailed information, so you get the best results.

The magic of The Universal Blueprint® really happens, though, when you take that proven-effective parenting plan and use it consistently as a whole system.

Since you’ve already decided to get one Toolbox of the Home Study Program, you also must prefer to learn at your own pace and on your own time. So that makes this independent study option the perfect match for you!

Here are more details …

The all-inclusive Home Study program involves:

The Parent’s Toolshop® book is the only resource that teaches all 150+ practical tools and the advanced uses of the Universal Blueprint®. It is the most comprehensive, accurate, organized, practical, useful parenting resource you may ever read.

I feel like I’ve tumbled head first into a treasure chest of jewels. This is amazing! Here, finally, I feel like I’ve found a parenting book that supports my own perspective and approach, but doesn’t leave me just feeling good about my good intentions. You supply the mortar that holds all those concepts together. The dialogues alone make the book priceless. At first, I thought this “system” might prove overwhelming. But like any good learning aid, it leads you along effortlessly as you collect and put to use all that you find. Thanks for a tremendous resource. — Susan Kendrick

  • Listening to the Lunch & Learn Audio Series. (A $147 value.) This 10-audio series offers an hour-long audio recording of each live Parents Toolshop® class presentation. It’s like being a fly on the wall in a live Parent’s Toolshop® class, where you can benefit from the class discussions and parents Q&A. Best of all, it highlights for you the most important tools in the Universal Blueprint® to know and use.This Audio Series is a valuable companion to The Parent’s Toolshop® book, both of which I turn to again and again as I work towards a balanced parenting style and effective communication with my family. I play the lectures while I walk, drive, cook, clean, or nurse — anytime I need to review, reinforce, and clarify what I’m learning in the book. On difficult days, I take a little pressure off by listening to the talks. Then I can return, relaxed and confident, to my family. It’s like a mini parenting retreat. For anyone new to The Parent’s Toolshop®, these talks make a helpful introduction to the key concepts. I don’t think I will ever finish listening to them, just like I won’t finish the book, even though I may have read every word twice. I hear and read something different every time, depending on the challenges I’m facing at home. — Andrea Bustos
  • Completing and submitting a study guide that contains 75 questions. Just answer a few of them after each Toolset/chapter.
  • Submitting a program evaluation. You can choose from the parent evaluation or, if you want to receive Continuing Education Credits, choose that form. (See details below.)

BONUS: One free year’s membership to the Parent Success Club (valued at $179.40 the first year alone!) Even though you are taking the class as an independent study, you aren’t all on your own! You can participate in live weekly support calls/webinars for a full year. So you can ask questions during the home study program and after, as you apply all you’ve learned to your own life.

Upon receiving your submissions, you will receive:

  • A Parents Toolshop® Graduation certificate. As a Parents Toolshop® Graduate, you will then be eligible to receive LIFETIME PARENT’S TOOLSHOP® GRADUATE BENEFITS:
    • Eligibility to get a Hug Seat (personalized problem-solving session) on the Parent Success Club support calls/webinars — only offered to Parents Toolshop® Graduates.
    • One complimentary 30-minute private phone consultation per year (valued at $100)
    • 50% off all consultation fees. Consultations are available by phone or. If you live near a Parents Toolshop® Leader, you can get an in-home coaching session.) (valued at $100/hour.)
    • 50% off any Toolshop® class the author offers (including on-line programs).
    • FREE access to the Parent’s Toolshop® Discussion Forum
    • Eligibility to access Graduate resources not available to the public, such as the “Solve Your Own Problem Hintbook” ebook (valued at $3000).

The grad support group really helped us. My husband and I went together. We brought in our list of questions about specific problems we were having such as dawdling and we then went home and tried out what we learned. It was great. We hope to attend again. — Patricia Schumm

You have up to six months to complete the home study, but can complete it sooner. If you have not completed it by six months from the purchase date, you will not receive a completion/graduation certificate and your status will be listed as “Incomplete.”

I can’t thank you enough for The Parents Toolshop®. It is one of the most wonderful books I’ve seen. It is logically clear and easy to memorize but also talks about feelings, psychology and family issues. It also shows your wonderful personality, too. My relationship with my son was suffering because I didn’t know how to discipline him. Then, as I read your articles and book, I’d stop and say to myself, “Oh, this is so right! Thank you Jody!” Your approach gives real results, good feelings and confidence. It has healed our relationship and my son is starting to appreciate me. Sometimes he says that I am the best mother! — Ester Notik, Israel, Home Study Graduate

The Home Study is valued at nearly $397, but is normally priced at $297. If you were to get each Toolbox of the Home Study separately, at $67 each, you’d end up paying $402 or more than $100 more! It only makes sense for you to get the whole system, so you get the best results, and make the wisest investment!

The Home Study is usually priced at $297, but because you already got one of the Toolboxes from the Home Study, you can apply that payment towards the entire Home Study Program and get a $67 discount on it right now — but only if you get the entire Home Study Package NOW! Remember, this is a one-time offer.

If you’d like a physical copy of The Parent’s Toolshop® book, ORDER IT, TOO.


No thanks. I will pass this great offer to save $279.40 and continue my order for only ONE Toolbox Package in the Home Study program. I understand that this offer will NEVER be made available to me again and I’m OK with that.  Click the link below to go directly to the currently ordered product.

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