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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Do You Know the Most Fatal Mistakes Most Parents Make?

You’d never do anything “fatal” to your child — especially not in the physical sense.

There are, however, many very common parenting practices most parents use that can be fatal to:
– Your relationship with your child,
– Your child’s self-esteem,
– Your child’s independence and self-sufficiency,
– Parent/child communication,
… and more.

Some mistakes, like yelling, screaming and hitting, can cause damage even if used only once.

Most, however, are mistakes that if only used one time, aren’t “fatal,” but when many are used, over and over, chip away at the benefits of the good you are doing.

Over time, this can cause many of the problems parents think are “common,” “normal,” and “expected.

Thing is, most parents do these things without ever knowing that what they are doing is ineffective! Until it’s too late and the damage is done.

This is totally UNINTENTIONAL! Their intentions are right-on; they just don’t know the most-effective skills to reach them.

Are you UNKNOWINGLY doing any of the following?
1.     Reacting instead of responding.
2.     Using trial-and-error instead of having a plan you consistently follow.
3.     Trying to control children instead of teaching self-control.
4.     Trying to be friends with your child, instead of being a friendly parent.
5.     Using praise to build self-esteem.
6.     Using constructive criticism to get improvement.
7.     Comparing children to motivate them.
8.     Using bribes, rewards and sticker charts.
9.     Repeating yourself.
10.    Saying “Don’t do that,” “Stop that,” or “Quit that,” even with “Please,” to get kids to behave.
11.    Using “no” to deny requests.
12.    Arguing and getting into power struggles.
13.    Doing things for children instead of teaching skills.
14.    Giving advice.
15.    Lecturing.
16.    Trying to find out who’s to blame.
17.    Threatening or counting 1-2-3.
18.    Trying to ignore attention-seeking behavior.
19.    Punishing revengeful behavior.
20.    Pushing and praising children who are discouraged and giving up.
21.    Using timeouts or restrictions for discipline.
22.    Doing whatever “works,” simply because “it works.”
23.    Following through, just because you said you were going to do something, even if what you said you’d do is ineffective
24.    …and the list could go on longer!

If so, you could be sabotaging your best efforts to be the best parent you can be.

Would you like to know exactly what to say and do instead?

Well, that’s exactly what you can learn in the “T.I.P.S.: Tools for Improving Parenting Success” course.

In fact, one of the most common comments we hear in class is, “WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THIS BEFORE!!!”

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Since you want to be a conscious, positive parent, it’s time you get in the know…by attending the FREE webinar, “The Top Ten Mistakes Almost All Parents Make (That Can Unintentionally Harm your Child or Relationship) & How to Prevent and Fix Them!

I’ll be looking for your registration! Just CLICK HERE! Remember, it’s totally free.