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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop



Parents Toolshop® Resources Teach

The Universal Blueprint® For Parenting Success

and Practical Ways To Apply It To Your Family’s Needs. 


The Parents Toolshop® offers dozens of multi-media resources for parents, family-service professionals and parent educators. 

Each one offers practical solutions, using a reliable, proven-effective system for preventing and responding helpfully to any parenting challenge you might face, in ways that fit your specific needs and circumstances: “The Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success.” 

All feature the advice of Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, who is a parenting expert to the media worldwide and has trained over 50,000 parents for 30+ years with outstanding outcome results. 

Browse the site for tons of FREE information, including: articles, previews, reports, and bonus gifts. Then move your way from basic-to-advanced information; in e-courses, ebooks or audios; learning the Universal Blueprint® itself or seeing it applied to specific common parenting challenges for you.

Free 7-day basic overviewFREE 7-day basic preview , which is the best place to start if you are new to Parents Toolshop® or are unfamiliar with the Universal Blueprint®.

Quick Start Guidebook
Quick Start Guidebook , which offers the most important basic information about “The Universal Blueprint® for Parenting Success Formula,” what it is, how it works, and the basics of using the most important practical language and action tools every parent needs. This e-book includes 30 daily lessons with action steps and scripts for exactly what to say and do, how to use each tool to its full potential, and find customized solutions to the challenges you face.

The Parent’s Toolshop® book The Parent’s Toolshop® book compiles advice from hundreds of resources during 15+ years of research and 10+ years of outcome-focused evaluation results that that prove Parents Toolshop gets results! This award-winning resource is the only one that teaches all 150+ special language and actions of effective parenting and the most advanced uses of The Universal Blueprint®. It is the most comprehensive print resource in the Parents Toolshop®. Most parents call it their “Parenting Bible.”

Lunch and Learn Audio Series
Lunch and Learn Audio Series, which provides recordings of a live workshop teaching the Universal Blueprint®. Learn the system for yourself, so you can find a customized solution to any challenge you are facing.

Parenting Topic Tele-seminars
Parenting Topic Tele-seminars, which are recordings of live topic discussions about common parenting challenges. Each one provides step-by-step instructions and practical tools to use for that type of challenge, using the Universal Blueprint®. Challenges include: Back To School, Picky Eaters, Back Talk, Sibling Squabbles, Bedtime Hassles, Temper Tantrums, Holiday Parenting Issues, Teaching Tidiness, Morning Delays, Lying, Corporal Punishment, and Dealing With Difficult People.  



We are Here to Support You!


While you might read or listen to a resource on your own, many Parents Toolshop® resources offer optional live support, so you can get your questions answered and apply what you are learning to your family. So pay attention to invitations you receive after ordering your resource or as you are using it. We are here, ready to serve you and cheer you on!