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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

The Controversy Surrounding Corporal Punishment Audio Package

(included in the Parents Toolshop® Teleseminar Series Collection)

“Show them who’s boss.”

“You should make kids feel bad when they misbehave.”

“Make sure the punishment is unpleasant.”

“What they need is a good spanking.”

“Stand them in a corner until a timer goes off.”

“Take away their favorite activity.”

“Remove all their toys, bed and sheets from their room.”

“Do it because I said so, don’t ask why.”

“That will teach them a lesson.”

These are very common beliefs about the proper way to discipline a child. Some are even actual advice from parenting “experts”! Problem is, none are discipline! They are, however, forms of punishment. What’s the difference?

Research says about 80% of American parents say they’ve hit their young children. But is corporal punishment effective?

This audio resource package features Dr. Kerby Alvy of the National Effective Parenting Initiative (NEPI) discussing the controversial topic of corporal punishment with parenting professionals and real-life parents, just like you. It was quite thought-provoking!

Through this discussion, you’ll discover:

  • What research says about the effectiveness of corporal punishment, with several bonus resources with the most current research.
  • Different perspectives about the common reasons parents use corporal punishment, with a bonus resource by Jim Rogers.
  • What discipline tools you want to have at your disposal, as healthy alternatives to corporal punishment.

This deluxe resource package includes:

  • Digitally remastered Audio
  • Full Transcripts
  • All the Resources available to the original participants
  • Bonus resources, including quick links to related articles on the Parent’s Toolshop® website.

Click here to listen to a sample

corporal punishment