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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

Graduates ONLY – Save 90% Off and Get Continued Support!

Congratulations Graduate!

No doubt you’ve learned a ton of information in the live Parent’s Toolshop® T.I.P.S. class.

I know that it’s natural to be excited to finish a class and then think, “Now what? What if a parenting problem comes up and I get stuck?”

I want you to know I’m still here for you—really!

There are ways we can continue the journey we’ve started together and you can get your toughest discipline questions answered.

Ask yourself if at least one these apply to you:

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information you have but still haven’t absorbed?
  • Are there skills you still want to master and know you aren’t quite there yet?
  • Are you wondering how you will do without a weekly “touchbase” with me, to stay on track?
  • Are you ready for the parenting challenges you’ll face when your child reaches the next stage/phase?
  • Do you want to learn and grow even more — as a parent and person?

I want you to know you’re not left out in the cold, wondering what to do when a tricky situation arises or you bump up against a tough question that keeps you up at night.

You CAN get the help and support you want and need to take what you’ve learned and use it to make your parenting easier and less stressful.

As a Parent’s Toolshop® Graduate, you’re already eligible for these Lifetime Graduate Benefits:

  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME FREE 30-minute one-on-one, personalized, phone consultation per year. ($100 value)
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME 50% discount on all one-on-one Parent’s Toolshop® Advisor consultation fees (by phone or local home visit). ($100/hour value)
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME 50% (or more) discount on all Parent’s Toolshop® parenting programs for which you or your family members register on-line (up to $2500 value)
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME 10% DISCOUNT on any programs and resources purchased on-line—unless you take advantage of the one-time, lifetime access offer below, which gives you lifetime access to all current and future products—essentially a 100% lifetime discount.

Did you know… There are literally dozens of other resources that already have proven solutions to the challenges you are likely to face in the future available through Parent’s Toolshop®?

This means you can continue to get the support you deserve after the class is over!

What options are available after graduation?

Well if you act RIGHT NOW —  you can get access to the Parent’s Toolshop® on-line and phone graduate support options PLUS get “comped” in to the “Practical T.I.P.S.  On-line Training” program (Valued at over $3000 and priced at $997) for over 90% off!

This means that you’ll get access to me, the Parent’s Toolshop® Leaders and every resource Parent’s Toolshop® has — for LIFE – for just a small, one-time tuition of $297!

Take a look at everything you’ll get access to…

  • FREE 30-Day Challenge, Gold Membership Upgrade, and Graduate Discussion Forum!
  1. The 30-Day Challenge offers content you already learned in class, but is a great way to quickly review key concepts, steps and tools.
  2. The Gold Challenge Member Upgrade offers weekly support calls and a discussion forum where you can talk to other parents who are not graduates. When you participate in the Gold calls, you’ll see how quickly and easily you are able to problem-solve challenges, because you took one of my live parenting classes. You’ll get Upgraded to a “Gold Challenge Member” (a $14.95/month value) as part of this on-going Support Package.
  • Get the On-line T.I.P.S. Training Package (valued at $3,000, but regularly priced at $997 plus $14.95 per month to continue accessing the Advanced Support Training Graduate Discussion Forum)

Materials and Support Services include:

  1. The On-line T.I.P.S. Training is similar to the live full-length class, but is delivered on-line. The resources and support parents receive is by invitation only. This is your invitation to join this elite group!
  2. In the On-line T.I.P.S. Training Graduate Discussion Forum, you’ll be able to ask questions and get support from me, certified Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitators, and all other Parent’s Toolshop® Graduates, of both the on-line program and all the live workshops certified Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitators teach worldwide.
  3. The Parents Toolshop® E-Book ($29.95 value);
  4. 10+ hours of videos of me teaching a live Parents Toolshop® comprehensive workshop series. ($297 value.) You will also get any new videos, since your access to the materials is for life;
  5. Bonus handouts, practice exercises and worksheets from the parenting class (current and future);
  6. LIVE Weekly Teleconference Training Calls (Value $200/hour call) where I cover one or more Toolset(s) each week and provide mp3 recordings of each call to download.
  7. Over $500 in Bonus Resources, including all of the digital parenting resources that currently exist — and any updates or new resources I create in the future!
  • LIFETIME Graduate Support Calls (value = $44.85/month or $538.20 per year):

You have monthly access to me or a Certified Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitator, for any questions or clarifications you and other graduates might need—for life! Can’t make a webinar/call? You can get the recordings anytime!

  • LIFETIME Gold Membership Support Calls and “Hug Seats” exclusively for Parents Toolshop® Graduates. A “hug seat” is a personalized problem-solving session — think of it as a free coaching session! (value = $44.85/month or $538.20 per year):
  • Other bonuses include:
  • 11 x 17” Universal Blueprint® Digital Poster ($7.95 value);
  • Lunch & Learn Parenting 10-set Audio Series ($147 value);
  • Parent’s Toolshop® Top Parenting Challenges Teleseminar Album
  • Universal Blueprint® CHOOSE YOUR OWN SOLUTION Parenting Hint Book ($47.95 value). This interactive e-book will walk you through the Universal Blueprint® to find a customized solution to whatever challenge you are facing in that moment. (An app is in the works!)

You get access to ALL the resources immediately! With lifetime access to these On-line T.I.P.S. Training materials and all Parent’s Toolshop® resources, you can take “a refresher course” anytime AND get weekly support—FOR LIFE!

The value of this training program is over $3,000 ($2729.80 PLUS $44.85/month or $538.20 per year) and is priced at $997 for non-graduates.  BUT as a Graduate, you get it ALL for just….

A One-Time, Lifetime Tuition of $279

or 3 Monthly Payments of $97!

This is by far the most generous offer I have ever made to any group of parents ever!

As a Parents Toolshop® Graduate, I want you to have these resources, because I know each one has solutions to the most common problems parents (even graduates!) experience!

Why not take your growth as a Parents Toolshop® Graduate to the top level? YOU DESERVE IT (and so do your children)!


Click Here to Get The One-Time, Lifetime Tuition of $279

or Click Here to Get 3 Monthly Payments of $97!

No, Thanks!  I understand I’m saying GOODBYE to this 90% savings, but, I’d still like to get Graduate support without all the resources. Send me to more information about this option. Get me signed up right now!