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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop








Have You Ever Faced a Parenting Challenge
and Not Known What to Say or Do?


Of course you have…we all have!

Sometimes kids just throw you for a loop and you stand their with your jaw dropped.

You probably think I’m going to tell you that I have all the solutions, because I’m a licensed Social Worker, internationally Certified Family Life Educator, second-generation parent educator, parenting expert to the media, and author of the award-winning book The Parent’s Toolshop® who has been training thousands of parents from diverse families over 25 years.

NOT! Think anyone’s posed a situation to me that I didn’t have an immediate solution to? You bet! But…I have a plan I can fall back on to help them find the answer that fits their situation…and the plan has never failed yet!

When you have a reliable, step-by-step parenting plan that uses the most effective tools available,  you are most likely to get the results you want. When challenges come, you can:

  • Stay level-headed, organized, calm, cool and collected.

  • Choose the most effective tools for that situation, so it will work best with your child.

  • Use the tools in the best order, to prevent problems from recurring or getting worse.

  • Know exactly what to say and do, respectfully, firmly and effectively.

  • Confidently follow through with your plan, consistently, long enough to see the results.

Most parents come to me before they have figured out a consistently reliable plan. When challenges come, they are more likely to:

  • Randomly pick tools and use trial-and-error until they figure out what works.
    They sometimes get short-term results, but usually find out later there were negative side effects they didn’t expect…and have to undo!

  • Accidentally skip steps and jump to a more extreme reaction, which makes the response ineffective or even makes matters worse!

  • Frantically try different tools, switching from one approach to another. The inconsistency alone causes confusion and frustration for them and their child. Plus, they sometimes abandon an approach that would have worked if they’d only stuck with it longer!

If you don’t have a parenting plan, I invite you to try the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula. Any parent can use it; it’s universally effectiveYou can customize it fit any situation with any child. Best of all, you can make it part of your own unique parenting styleWith a little practice, it becomes second-nature and you can respond effectively in  seconds!

The Hintbook program and e-book are GREAT! I have your Parents Toolshop book and the Hintbook is great for finding things quickly and perfect for helping to guide me through problems with kids. We seem to repeat the same problems, so I can use the Hintbook to help plan response for problems I know I will be facing. The best thing about the tools is the fact that they just make sense. Not all parenting books out there do. — Vikki Moore, Loveland, OH

ONLY the “Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula”
Offers a 
Step-by-Step System
for Planning an Effective Response
to Any Parenting Challenge in Minutes
Now, you can Learn this System in Minutes, Too!

The Parents Toolshop®
the most detailed instructions for using 150+ practical language & action tools, their advanced uses, how to adjust each tool for use with children ages 1-18, examples of its use, applications to common real-life challenges, true stories, practice exercises and a 1000+-topic index for future reference.

Yet…everything that makes The Parents Toolshop® so comprehensive contributes to it’s 456-page length. Although it’s written in easy-to-read language, it is a lot of reading! Most parents are so busy, it’s hard for them to read a whole book! Plus, lots of parents are looking for quick answers. And parents who have read The Parents Toolshop® book would like a quick-reference guide.

Now, there’s a quick and easy way to learn the “Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula”. . . with The Universal Blueprint® CHOOSE YOUR OWN PARENTING SOLUTION Hint Book. This interactive e-book will walk you through the step-by-step process of finding an individualized effective response to any parenting challenge involving children ages 1-18. Just answer three questions and take up to five steps to find the response your answers lead you to.

Imagine If All You Had to Do Was
Click a Mouse or Turn a Page and
You Got a Customized 
to Your Parenting Challenge
in Minutes!



For years, parents have been asking me to create three resources for using the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula:

1.       A super-short reference guide that lists the 150+ practical parenting tools that I describe in detail in The Parents Toolshop® book.

2.       A resource that walks them, step-by-step, through the three questions and five steps they take when planning an effective parenting response.

3.       A totally automated and customizable resource that helps them apply this proven-effective parenting plan to any situation they encounter with their children.

Well, I’m not a magic genie, but I can now grant all three wishes at once with The Universal Blueprint® CHOOSE YOUR OWN PARENTING SOLUTION Hint Book.

•        If you’ve never read The Parents Toolshop® book and just want the basics or are looking for a quick introduction to the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula and it’s 150+ practical language and action tools, then the Hint Book will suit your needs.

•        If you have read the book or taken a Parents Toolshop® class, the Hint Book will remind you of all you learned and will guide you through the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula whenever you are facing a parenting challenge.

I Know it Sounds Hard to Believe…But It’s True!

This time-tested parenting plan has helped thousands of parents worldwide feel more confident, knowledgeable and skilled.



or read more about
The Universal Blueprint®

Have You Run Out of Ideas?
Would You Be More Patient and Less Frustrated
If You Had More Options to Try?


The Choose Your Own Parenting Solution Hint Book is the shortest, most concise Universal Blueprint® resource ever!In a mere 35 pages, the Hint Book lists all 150+ of the most effective, practical language and action tools available and organizes them into 14 toolsets, including:

•        The basics of the 3 questions and 5 effective-response steps that make up the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula, first presented in The Parents’ Toolshop® book.

•        Brief descriptions of the 5 types of Parenting Styles, so you can stay within the “Balanced” zone and avoid extremes that start new problems or escalate existing problems.

•        28 practical tools for building Self-Esteem in yourself and your child, so everyone feels less discouraged and acts better.

•        15 practical tools for getting Cooperation without bribes, rewards, stickers, stars, or power struggles. Children voluntarily do what you ask…often the first time you ask them!

•        23 practical tools for helping children become Independent and Responsible. Children will do more for themselves − and be competent and capable at it!

•        3 tools and dozens of specific suggestions for effective Listening, which fosters close, trusting, healthy parent/child relationships, prevents unnecessary conflicts and teaches children how to resolve their own problems skillfully.

•        7 core tools and dozens of suggestions for developing individualized Anger & Stress Management plans for parents and children. Then everyone stays calmer and expresses their emotions in healthy ways.

•        11 practical tools that help you Communicate your concerns in assertive respectful ways, so children listen better, respect you more and have fewer smart-aleck attitudes and sassiness.

•        6 practical tools for understanding what is and isn’t “Unintentional” Misbehavior and how to respond helpfully, so you don’t have to repeat yourself “a million times.”

•        The 4 Goals of “On Purpose” Misbehavior, which pulls together all the skills and steps, by showing you how to avoid reactions that escalate the situation or give an accidental payoffs that cause the misbehavior to repeat.

•        8 practical tools for using effective Discipline and avoiding punishment, so children learn self-control and self-discipline.

•        16 suggestions for having productive Family Councils and avoiding common problems and pitfalls.

•        The 3 C’s: maintaining Consistency, handling Criticism and boosting your Confidence.

•        Plus…helpful tips and page references to The Parents’ Toolshop® book, where you can find more details and information on a subject, technique or its applications.

•        2 one-page summaries of the Universal Blueprint® Parenting Success Formula and 3 worksheets you can print and use over and over again.

•         There are even suggestions for what to think, say and do!

Are you afraid you’ll feel overwhelmed by too many choices? The Hint Book will take you step-by-step so you only see the most appropriate tools for the situation you are dealing with. Of course, you can look at any page, any time, to plan ahead!

The Universal Blueprint®
Choose Your Own Parenting Solution Hint Book,
Makes it Remarkably Easy to
Plan an Individualized Effective Response
to Any Parenting Challenge,
with Any Child in Minutes!

All you need to know is what type of problem you are facing and what you want to accomplish. The Hint Book will take you to the best tools for that situation!

Need a different response for different situations or children? Just answer the questions based on that situation, at that moment, with that child. Then click the link or turn to the page your answer leads you to. At each step, with every situation, you are in the driver’s seat, so each solution fits your needs, values and rules.


Follow this Unique Parenting System and
You Never Have to Be Unsure of What to Do … Ever Again!


Once you master this fully-automated problem-solving system, you can find individualized effective responses to common everyday parenting challenges in minutes! Try it when you are dealing with:


  • Power Struggles

  • Temper tantrums

  • Sibling squabbles

  • Messy rooms

  • Picky eaters

  • Neglected chores

  • Pouting

  • Whining

  • Complaining

  • Sabotaging

  • Children doing what you just told them not to do

  • Children not doing what you just told them to do

  • The toddler “No” stage

  • Procrastination

  • Poor Time Management

  • Being Disorganized

  • Forgetfulness

  • Too Many Toys

  • Disrespectfulness

  • Poor Manners

  • Impulsiveness

  • Emotional Meltdowns

  • Being Overly Dramatic

  • Peer Pressure

  • Bullying

  • Sibling conflicts

  • School problems

  • Homework

  • Potty training

  • Not sharing

  • Being clingy

  • Lame excuses for not going to bed

  • Refusing to go to bed

  • Not getting to sleep

  • Waking up in the middle of the night

  • Messy Rooms

  • Slow to get ready and out the door

  • Moodiness

  • Smart-aleck attitudes

  • Wanting to date too young

  • Getting too hot and heavy on dates

  • Irresponsible driving

  • Experimenting with dangerous substances

  • Annoying attention-seeking behavior

  • Defiance

  • Testing limits

  • Manipulative mind games

  • Destructive revengeful behavior

  • Children giving up and quitting when discouraged

  • Lying

  • Sneaking

  • Stealing . . .

If  you need more help, just check out the page references and index in The Parents Toolshop® book. I give suggestions for every one of these challenges in the book!


So, You Ask, “What’s This Going to Cost Me?
I Know Most Interactive Software Costs $97 to $997!”


As a parent myself, I understand the cost of raising a family, so I never want cost to interfere with your ability to have the parenting resources you need. So pick the lower price…then cut it in half. Now you can afford to get the Hint Book now, before your next parenting challenge arrives!


Available immediately by digital download                    for only  $47.95

The Universal Blueprint® CHOOSE YOUR OWN PARENTING SOLUTION Hint Book offers a simple, effective way to prevent and resolve parenting problems. If you are ready to get some fresh ideas, proven-effective parenting tools, more patience and confidence, and a quick and easy way to solve parenting
problems and make decisions GET YOURS NOW! Your children will thank you!

I’m so convinced that once you see the The Universal Blueprint® CHOOSE YOUR OWN PARENTING SOLUTION Hint Book you’ll want your own copy of The Parent’s Toolshop®: The Universal Blueprint for Building a Healthy Family book, so you can get all the details about all the skills and all the suggestions for 1000+ parenting challenges…and more. So...

If you order The Parent’s Toolshop® book now, along with the Hint Book, I’ll give you a discount off the retail price! But you must use one of these links: 

  • The Parent’s Toolshop® Soft cover book  $24.95…..SAVE $5!

  • The Parent’s Toolshop® E-book ……………. $19.95…..SAVE $10!