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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Parents Toolshop

Holiday Parenting Issues

(included in the Parents Toolshop® Teleseminar Series Album)


Do you tell children Santa is real?

Do you tell them not to lie?

How do you celebrate Santa without lying to your children…or do you?

Would you be telling your child to sit on a strange man’s lap, accept candy from a stranger, and look forward to someone entering your house stealthily at night if it wasn’t Santa?

Do your children get the “gimmees” in December?

Do you avoid holiday shopping with your children and only use the excuse of buying gifts to avoid taking them and dealing with the tantrums, betting and whining?

If they misbehave in December…

Do you tell them elves are watching them? (Another creepy image of a Peeping Tom, just smaller.)

Or that if they aren’t good, Santa will put them on his naught list or leave coal in their stockings?

The holidays can be a great time for nurturing family bonds; however, these times can also pose special challenges for parents. In this hour-long recording of a live discussion with parenting professionals and real-life parents, just like you, you’ll discover how to:

  •  Cure the Holiday Gimmees and teach children to be grateful givers and receivers.
  • Shop with children without whining, begging or tantrums.
  • Prevent embarrassing gift-receiving faux pas (like insulting Aunt Susie’s gift)
  • Avoid resorting to common holiday parenting tactics, like “The Santa Threat” (“If you don’t behave, Santa won’t bring you toys.”), to get kids to behave.
  • Decide for yourself if and how to celebrate Santa – honestly or by lying.
  • … and solutions to many more dilemmas and topics that parents, like you, have been wondering for years!

This deluxe resource package includes:

  • Digitally remastered Audio
  • Full Transcripts
  • All the Resources available to the original participants
  • Bonus resources, including quick links to related articles on the Parent’s Toolshop® website.

Click this link to play a sample


This special resource is yours for only $14.95 today!