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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

Lunch & Learn Maintenance Audio Package

The Parent’s Toolshop®
Maintenance Toolbox Home Study Package
(Included in the Entire Parents Toolshop® Home Study Training)


You have learned so much as a parent! You follow through easier and more consistently. You want to maintain the progress you’ve made and continue growing and improving.  You can see how your children would benefit from learning some of the skills you have learned and wonder how to teach them to your children.

You are ready to start having family councils, but you know there are a lot of potential pitfalls. You want to make sure you start off on the right foot and have the skills to prevent common problems and get the most out of your meetings.

You also still aren’t totally on the same page as your parenting partners. Your husband and you aren’t always consistent in how you handle situations with your children and neither are your sitters and parents, who babysit your children a lot. You’d really like to get everyone on the same page.

Now that you have replaced old ineffective habits with healthy new skills, you feel more positive about yourself as a parent. You have a parenting plan you trust, which has boosted your confidence. To maintain that progress, you need…

The Parent’s Toolshop® Maintenance Toolbox
Home Study Package

In this package you will receive …

The Maintenance Toolbox lessons from The Parents Toolshop® Home Study Program.

Each Home Study Toolbox package includes:

  • The Parent’s Toolshop®book chapters, which is the most comprehensive, advanced and thoroughly written resource available on the Universal Blueprint®.  In each chapter, you will:
    • See visual graphics that crystallize concepts in your mind.    
    • Hear real-life stories from the author and other parents’ lives that will make you laugh, cry . . . and think.
    • Discover exactly what to say and do, through examples and applications to the most common challenges parents face.
    • Even get a chance to practice what you’ve learned, so you remember and use it to your full potential.
  • Audio recordings of a live Parent’s Toolshop® class and their transcripts, in case you don’t have time to read, or want a quick refresher of the basic concepts and skills you learned in the book.

…related to all of the following Toolsets:

By accessing the intermediate and advanced teachings in The Parent’s Toolshop® book chapters and class presentation of the following Toolsets, you will:

Family Council Toolset:

  • Develop deeper relationships among family members, talking about more than what’s for dinner, what happened that day and who is driving to practice.
  • See children’s behavior improving the more you do family councils. When children feel they belong, can express their feelings, and be respected, they naturally misbehave less.
  • Have children who follow rules and keep agreements better, because they are involved in setting them.
  • Have family members with high self-esteem who work together as a team and support each other, because they each feel they make a unique contribution to the family team.
  • See children developing life skills that will help them in the family, in the business world, in adult relationships, and any other relationships.

Using the Universal Blueprint in Adult Relationships:

  • Parent the same way at home and in public, without giving in to pressure from friends, relatives and blue-haired grannies in the grocery store.
  • Know when you’ve strayed from your plan and get back on track without appearing inconsistent or wishy-washy.
  • Work as a team with your parenting partners, respecting each other’s unique style, without sabotaging or criticizing each other.
  • Use the Universal Blueprint™ Parenting Success Formula in your adult relationships to respond to criticism or unhelpful advice from ex-spouses, your parents, in-laws and strangers.

Your Package also Includes:

A 30-day trial of the Parent Success Club Membership:

Weekly Support Webinars/calls where you can engage in…

–  Discussions with like-minded parents about the topics you are learning and other parenting topics you want to discuss.

–  Open Q&A, to:

  • Clarify content in the Guidebook lessons
  • Get help applying what you are learning to your family.

A Free Private Strategy Session or “Hug Seat,” on a Parent Success Club webinar (which is normally only offered to Parents Toolshop® Graduates.) There’s nothing like getting personalized support and problem-solving specific to your goals, challenges, situation and children. Other parents listening may “borrow the benefits” from your session or, if you want privacy, you can have a private coaching call with a Certified Parents Toolshop® Advisor.

If you want a way to do an independent study of The Maintenance Toolset, in The Parent’s Toolshop®, then this Home Study Option is for you!


Here’s what other parents say about learning The Maintenance Toolbox

This has helped me tremendously both with the children I work with and other relationships. I feel more confident in my decisions with my job and I am growing in my skills, based on what I’ve learned. The book is an excellent reference and I know I’ll use it over and over again. — Kathleen Lott, professional nanny

This course was like winning the lottery, I quickly used the techniques and it worked immediately! It was awesome getting everything I needed to help my child grow up safe and strong all in one course. — Susan Elias

I’m so glad you gave us practice exercises. The first time I skipped the practice exercises I had a harder time using the tools that week. When I used the practice exercises, I realized how helpful it was to actually think of the words on my own. I especially like the detailed answers you give. Your answers helped me realize where I was on track and where I still needed to improve. — Kathy Bellar

Thank you for providing such a wonderful learning experience!  Before I read your book and took this course I did and said whatever felt right in the moment. Definitely not the best parenting approach. Thank you for giving me so many logical, sensible, respectful ways to prevent problems and to respond effectively when problems arise.  I now view parenting more like a job but not in a cold, unloving way.  I am more logical and less emotional.  I feel better equipped to handle situations in a positive way. I think about what I’m doing instead of reacting in the moment (most of the time :)). And I have a much better relationship with my children, especially my oldest. Thanks again for your time and commitment to us.  I hope (and believe) that whatever you do will bring success and improve the lives of others.  You are an inspirational person, and I am grateful that I had a chance to meet you and learn from you. — Robin Barrett

Are You Ready To:

  • Start having family councils and want to avoid the common pitfalls most parents experience when having family meetings?
  • Establish and maintain consistency, for yourself and with your parenting partners?
  • Handle criticism and other problems in your adult relationships skillfully and in ways that promote healing?
  • Feel confident in every situation in every relationship and continue growing as a parent — and person?

Then Get The Maintenance Toolbox Home Study Package NOW!