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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

Lunch & Learn Parent Problem Toolbox Audio Package

 The Parent’s Toolshop®

Parent Problem Toolbox Home Study Package

(Included in the Entire Parents Toolshop® Home Study Training)

book_coverYour preschool daughter experienced a traumatic event. She’s so young, she can’t really talk about it and you are afraid it may scar her for life. You aren’t sure what you can do to prevent that.

You’ve been so preoccupied and worried about her that you weren’t paying as much attention as usual to your other children. Your school-aged son has been picking up sassy back talk from his friends. You can’t believe how he talks to you sometimes! You find yourself yelling or being disrespectful, which you know is just as bad as what he’s saying to you. You don’t want to let this sass go, but aren’t sure how to be assertive without him twisting around what you say and how you say it.

Your teenage daughter has become rather outspoken about her opinions, which are pretty different from the values and beliefs you taught her. She doesn’t want to go to your religious ceremonies with the family anymore. You want to encourage her to form her own opinions, but have concerns about some of the things she says, does and even thinks. You just aren’t sure how to navigate this transition into a more adult relationship with her.

When you get angry, you count to ten and take a deep breath, so you don’t lose your temper. You are starting to realize, though, that a lot of the triggers you have with your children are left-overs from your past and you are ready to clear out your baggage and reprogram your trigger buttons. You know they are a sign that you have cleaning up to do. You just aren’t sure where to start and what to do to break the cycle.


Today’s world is full of stress and there can be trigger buttons hiding where you least expect them. Your children say and do things you’d never think of when you were their age! You also know what your parents would have said and done if you did — and you don’t want to repeat that cycle. You are ready to deal with your own trigger buttons, so you can speak to your children respectfully about the problems that arise. You just aren’t sure how.


To De-Program Your Trigger Buttons and Respond Calmly and Assertively in ANY Situation, You Want to Use the Tools In…


The Parent’s Toolshop® Parent Problem Toolbox

Home Study Package

 In this package you will receive …

The Parent Problem Toolbox lessons from The Parents Toolshop® Home Study Program.

Each Home Study Toolbox package includes:

  • The Parent’s Toolshop®book chapters, which is the most comprehensive, advanced and thoroughly written resource available on the Universal Blueprint®.  In each chapter, you will:

o   See visual graphics that crystallize concepts in your mind.    

o   Hear real-life stories from the author and other parents’ lives that will make you laugh, cry . . . and think.

o   Discover exactly what to say and do, through examples and applications to the most common challenges parents face.

o   Even get a chance to practice what you’ve learned, so you remember and use it to your full potential.

  • ·Audio recordings of a live Parent’s Toolshop® class and their transcripts, in case you don’t have time to read, or want a quick refresher of the basic concepts and skills you learned in the book.

…related to all of the following Toolsets:

 By accessing the intermediate and advanced teachings in The Parent’s Toolshop® book chapters and class presentation of the following Toolsets, you will:

The Keep Your Cool Toolset:
By using these tools, you will:

  • Know how to reprogram your trigger buttons, which eliminates future blow ups and puts you in control of your emotions, not your children.
  • Be aware of the unhealthy thoughts and beliefs that lie beneath your anger and stress, and know how to change them to healthy, helpful beliefs that can completely prevent anger from even sprouting up!
  • Have children who express their anger appropriately and manage their stress, which helps them as adults.
  • Understand and know how to help yourself or your children heal from traumatic events that could haunt them (and you) for the rest of your lives.
  • No longer be a victim of circumstance and create the outcomes and life of your choosing.
  • Become the author of your own Life Story, so your past no longer controls you.

The Clear Communication Toolset:
By using these assertive, respectful skills, you will:

  • Have children who don’t tune you out. They listen to and understand your feelings, perspective and concerns.
  • Have children who understand and abide by your rules and expectations, even if they disagree with them.
  • Get your point across with only one word — or none! You will see fewer rolling eyes and closed ears on children. Children are so happy you spare them a lecture they reinforce your behavior by listening!
  • Have children who seek win/win solutions — even to problems that only bother you!
  • Have the communication skills you need to improve any relationship, including spouses (or other partners), relatives, friends, colleagues, bosses, or employees.

Your Package also Includes:

 A 30-day trial of the Parent Success Club Membership:
Weekly Support Webinars/calls where you can engage in…

  • Discussions with like-minded parents about the topics you are learning and other parenting topics you want to discuss.
  • Open Q&A, to:

o   Clarify content in the Guidebook lessons

o   Get help applying what you are learning to your family.

A Free Private Strategy Session or “Hug Seat,”on a Parent Success Club webinar (which is normally only offered to Parents Toolshop® Graduates.) There’s nothing like getting personalized support and problem-solving specific to your goals, challenges, situation and children. Other parents listening may “borrow the benefits” from your session or, if you want privacy, you can have a private coaching call with a Certified Parents Toolshop® Advisor.

If you want a way to do an independent study of The Parent Problem Toolset, in The Parent’s Toolshop®, then this Home Study Option is for you!


 (give the PGB product a OTO (one-time-offer) URL (including the “http://”)

to the entire Home Study upsell page — see separate doc



Here’s what other parents say about learning The Parent Problem Toolbox

Keep Your Cool Toolset

 This has helped me regain control over myself. I have learned so much and it has benefitted my family. I have watched all of us grow and become closer. The stress of parenting is gone. I enjoy being a mother again. I feel we are a healthy family, which makes us a happy family. Thank you so much for teaching me such important skills. It has been a positive learning experience for my family and me. — —  Janine Kinnison

 I learned that thoughts help determine our feelings. Jody taught me that thoughts can be changed. I am not controlled by my thoughts. — — Shannon Dechant

 The entire essence of my personality has been power and control, from Vietnam to being a business owner.  I am so much more calm, handle problems more consistently, and am able to control my temper and ‘buttons’ better. If I can change, anyone can! — — Craig R.

 I went from a Totally Overwhelmed Parent to a Totally Observant Parent.  I am more observant of how my beliefs color a situation.  I am more observant of whose problem it really is.  I am more observant of respecting my child.  I am more observant of my words.  I am more observant of the tools I have available to me. Most of all you have given me hope that I can change my bad habits and misguided parenting approaches and be the Mother that I dream of becoming.  And to think, my children will learn many of these skills at such a young age. What a wonderful gift to give them!  Thank you for all you have done for my family. — — Kay Lynch

 This class has totally transformed my life! I am a better mom, wife, and person. This workshop enabled me to let go of all the baggage I didn’t even realize I was carrying around. I now have techniques and tools to use to keep myself focused on what is true and positive. I feel free and confident. I am in control of my thoughts. — — Name Withheld Upon Request

Clear Communication Toolset

I truly can take what I have learned from this class and use it with children and adults with positive results. The approaches that Jody has taught me facilitate better communication in my relationships at home and work. — — Chioma Patterson

The Lunch & Learn Audios are a valuable companion to The Parent’s Toolshop, both of which I turn to again and again as I work towards a balanced parenting style and effective communication with my family. I play the lectures while I walk, drive, cook, clean, or nurse — anytime I need to review, reinforce, and clarify what I’m learning in the book. On difficult days, I take a little pressure off by listening to the talks. Then I can return, relaxed and confident, to my family. It’s like a mini parenting retreat. My mother told me that my eight-year-old has taught her how to use I-messages! For anyone new to The Parent’s Toolshop, these talks make a helpful introduction to the key concepts. I don’t think I will ever finish listening to them, just like I won’t finish the book, even though I may have read every word twice. I hear and read something different every time, depending on the challenges I’m facing at home. — — Andrea Bustos

My son and I had been having communication problems for the last couple of years and those seemed to be escalating. I wanted him to see that I was not the “bad” person and had a point of view that was for his own best interests. What a surprise!  I was the one who had to adjust! Rather than get angry and tell him what he had to do, I just let him do all the talking. I asked a few pertinent questions, but kept the answers to myself. All week long I did this, rather than argue with him and try to win. Amazing!  He not only started talking about a lot of things – some not so good – he also did chores around the house that I never told him to do!  My son is a good kid and is very capable. I just needed to back off and let him show it. Thanks.” Two weeks later…”For the past three weeks, my son and I have had the most peaceful times in years!  I was the one that needed changing!  But, evidently, it wasn’t as great an adjustment or as hard as I thought it would be. I know that I basically am teaching myself the concepts, but if you hadn’t had the forethought or the ideas to begin with, I wouldn’t be this much farther ahead. Thanks for all your efforts, from the bottom of my heart. —  Mary Keferl

Are You Ready To:

  • Clear out your past baggage, so it no longer negatively influences your parenting?
  • Re-program your trigger buttons and consciously create healthy beliefs, which lead to less drama and the ability to become the person you choose to be, instead of the person you were programmed to be?
  • Adopt healthy anger and stress management tools to begin eliminating these toxic influences from your life?
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, respectfully and assertively so you can prevent misunderstandings and escalating conflicts?

If So, Then Get The Parent Problem Toolbox Home Study Package NOW!


 (give the PGB product a OTO (one-time-offer) URL (including the “http://”)

to the entire Home Study upsell page — see separate doc