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Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Parents Toolshop

Lunch & Learn Prevention Toolbox Audio Package

 The Parent’s Toolshop®
Prevention Toolbox Home Study Package
(Included in the Entire Parents Toolshop® Home Study Training)

book_coverYour youngest daughter doesn’t want to go to pre-school. Ever since she started, her self-esteem has been in the pits. She’s harder on herself than you’d ever be! You thought she’d be in her teens before she had to deal with mean-girl cliques and peer pressure, but the girls at her pre-school have already started and it’s taking their toll. She calls herself “ugly” and is starting to say mean things to her brother and sister.

Your son is the ultimate negotiator. You are tired of getting into power struggles with him and having him question every request you make. You find yourself nagging him a million times plus one. You just want him to do what you ask him to do that first time you ask him to do it — without back talk, bribing him, or backing down.

Your pre-teen is heading into high school. She wants an allowance to buy her own clothes. She’ll be learning to drive soon. She wants to die her hair purple and pierce her tongue. You used to just be worried about her poor time management, homework skills, ability to do her own laundry, etc. when she was an adult. Now you are worried about her becoming an adult too soon.

Do you ever wish your children could grow up in the positive bubble you’ve created for them at home? Unfortunately, you aren’t the only people who affect their self-esteem and influence them. The real-world can be harsh, even towards young children. You need more than “basic” positive parenting skills. You need all the tools and specific instructions on which to use and how to use them, so you can prevent problems from starting or worsening.

If You Are Ready To Improve Your Parenting Skill-Level, From Basic To Intermediate; Discover More Prevention Tools And The Advanced Uses Of Them, And Want To Be In Charge Of Your Own Learning And Application, Then You Want To Get …

The Parent’s Toolshop® Prevention Toolbox
Home Study Package

In this package you will receive …

The Prevention Toolbox lessons from The Parents Toolshop® Home Study Program.

Each Home Study Toolbox package includes:

  • The Parent’s Toolshop®book chapters, which is the most comprehensive, advanced and thoroughly written resource available on the Universal Blueprint®.  In each chapter, you will:
    • See visual graphics that crystallize concepts in your mind.    
    • Hear real-life stories from the author and other parents’ lives that will make you laugh, cry . . . and think.
    • Discover exactly what to say and do, through examples and applications to the most common challenges parents face.
    • Even get a chance to practice what you’ve learned, so you remember and use it to your full potential.
  • Audio recordings of a live Parent’s Toolshop® class and their transcripts, in case you don’t have time to read, or want a quick refresher of the basic concepts and skills you learned in the book.

…related to all of the following Toolsets:

By accessing the intermediate and advanced teachings in The Parent’s Toolshop® book chapters and class presentation of the following Toolsets, you will:

The Self-Esteem Toolset:

  • Get all 28 tools for building self-esteem, so your children feel good about themselves, their inner qualities, talents and skills, without becoming egotistical or conceited (which are signs of insecurity).
  • Read examples of how to use each tool with young children, school-age, and teens.
  • Receive nearly 100 specific language and scripts to build self-esteem in a variety of situations.
  • Have children who trust their own judgment, make responsible decisions and avoid becoming people-pleasers who “follow the crowd.” They don’t give in to negative peer pressure, especially as teens.
  • Release children from roles and labels, like “bully” and “victim,” “trouble-maker,” and even “the responsible one.” (Yes, you’ll understand why that last one is not something you want your children to be.) Allow them to become the whole person they are capable of being.
  • Have children who give their all and do their best to be good team players, without cut-throat competitiveness that destroys teamwork, relationships and other people’s self-esteem.
  • Practice building your own self-esteem and encouraging other family members.

The Cooperation Toolset:

  • Get all 15 tools for getting cooperation, so your children respect others, but don’t blindly obey just anyone in authority, which risks their safety.
  • Throw away your stickers and gold stars, because your children are self-motivated and un-bribable. This will help them stay safe in this dangerous world of intense peer pressure and predators.
  • Have children who do what you want them to — the first time you ask — or sometimes without being asked!
  • Find win/win solutions both you and your child feel good about. Because no one feels like they “lost,” there’s no pouting, whining, complaining, sabotaging or getting revenge later!
  • Have children who understand the value behind your requests, so they voluntarily follow the rules, even when no one is looking, there’s no reward, and no threat of punishment.

The Independence Toolset:

  • Get all 23 tools for fostering independence and responsibility in your children.
  • Be amazed that your children clean their rooms without always being asked, talk respectfully to their elders, and have good manners.
  • See your children doing things for themselves and do them competently! Parenting becomes easy and you can stop or avoid being a maid/butler or short-order cook.
  • Have children who make responsible decisions and are willing to be held accountable. When they make poor choices, they accept responsibility for their mistakes, learn from them and correct them.
  • Watch your teens “individuate” in positive ways, so they don’t need to rebel. You’ll enjoy being a parent even during the teen years!
  • Know your children are trustworthy and responsible, so you have an easier time letting go and trusting your children — especially your teens.

Your Package also Includes:

A 30-day trial of the Parent Success Club Membership:
Weekly Support Webinars/calls where you can engage in…

–   Discussions with like-minded parents about the topics you are learning and other parenting topics you want to discuss.

–   Open Q&A, to:

  • Clarify content in the Guidebook lessons
  • Get help applying what you are learning to your family.

A Free Private Strategy Session or “Hug Seat,” on a Parent Success Club webinar (which is normally only offered to Parents Toolshop® Graduates.) There’s nothing like getting personalized support and problem-solving specific to your goals, challenges, situation and children. Other parents listening may “borrow the benefits” from your session or, if you want privacy, you can have a private coaching call with a Certified Parents Toolshop® Advisor.

If you want a way to do an independent study of The Prevention Toolset, in The Parent’s Toolshop®, then this Home Study Option is for you!


Here’s what other parents say about learning The Prevention Toolbox

I’m so glad I took this class four years ago. My children are confident and well adjusted. I believe it’s due to the great foundation I’ve received from learning and using the skills from your classes. It was truly beneficial to me in dealing with my children, adult relationships and learning more about myself. – – Jacki George

I’m spending less time being in power struggles and know, now, that there is going to be a solution to every problem. I especially like the fact that Jody tells me what to do, instead of what not to do. – – Bonnie Sessely

I have read dozens of parenting books and The Parent’s Toolshop® is the very best. Since reading this book and consistently using its techniques (tools) a lot of stress has been taken out of both mine and my four year old son’s life. He is much more cooperative and behaves much better now. The Parent’s Toolshop® takes the advice from the best parenting books and puts them together into one practical, easy-to-remember-and-apply approach (blueprint). I considered myself an above average parent before, but since reading this book my parenting skills have greatly improved. – – Gloria Turner

This class has helped me regain control over myself. I have learned so much and it has benefitted my family. I have watched all of us grow and become closer. The stress of parenting is gone. I enjoy being a mother again. I feel we are a healthy family, which makes us a happy family. Thank you so much for teaching me such important skills. It has been a positive learning experience for my family and me. – – Janine Kinnison

After learning the Cooperation Toolset, I put it to the test with my strong-willed children. We didn’t have a single argument or power struggle the entire week! Isn’t that a small miracle? I even got my daughter to stop whining! – – Lena Guilfoil

The Parent’s Toolshop® is an excellent resource for helping parents raise secure and responsible children.  The book and class provide an easy to follow guide for parenting children of all ages. I highly recommend this for all families. – – Sylvia Rodberg, Elementary School Guidance Counselor, Springboro Community Schools

If You Are Ready To:

  • Improve the self-esteem of yourself, your children and anyone else you meet, so they are inspired to reach their full potential.
  • Create a mutually-respectful, cooperative family team, so everyday life runs smoothly.
  • Have independent, responsible children, so you can let go and watch them blossom into the amazing adults they are destined to become…

Then Get The Prevention Toolbox Home Study Package NOW!