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Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Twitter! +1 On Google! Watch On YouTube! Pinterest
Friday, January 27, 2023
Like Us On Facebook!Follow Us On Twitter!+1 On Google!Watch On YouTube!Pinterest
Parents Toolshop

September 2012 Contest Links

“How Parents Toolshop® Improved My Family” 


Almost every week, someone tells me a story about how they used The Parent’s Toolshop® Universal Blueprint® and got a mini- (or major) miracle in their family. So it’s only fitting that the very first contest we have is to share those stories.

Stories of your successes can help other parents achieve similar results in their families. So lay it on me, your most inspiring story about how Parent’s Toolshop has made a positive impact in your home, your family, your business, whatever you think if the most powerful.

As usual, we’re not looking for Cecil B. DeMille productions here, just make the video via camcorder, smart phone, you name it.  The important thing is that you enter!

You can submit as many videos or audios/stories with photos as you would like for each contest and will accumulate points for different actions you take during the contest. Just join my Pinterest, Facebook and/or Twitter communities to see the entries and earn points.


[contest_links contest=september_2012_contest]



This month’s prize is the T.I.P.S. Online Training Package (for non-grads) or the Grad Upgrade Package (for grads), valued at over $6,000. Toolshop® Leaders and Experts get to choose their prize.

First Prize: this prize is for the most popular entry (the one that gets the most Likes in our FB community)

Second Prize: this prize will go to the person who earns the most points for sharing the stories with others.



Here are the directions again. (The rest of this page is the same as the main contest page.)

  • You can submit as many photos/videos/stories as you would like for each contest.
    • How to submit videos
      • You can use any type of video recording device, even cell phones.
      • should not exceed 5 minutes long.
      • You can upload them to a file-sharing site (i.e. YouTube) and post the embeded link to the Parents Toolshop® FB Fanpage or Pinterest.
    • How to record audios through Audio Acrobat:
      • Call (512) 827-0505 Ext 8971 and leave a message after the beep that gives the following information:
        • Your name as you want it listed in your entry. Please spell it so we get it right.
        • The ages of your children
        • Your parenting status if it’s relevant to your story or testimonial, such as “single dad.”
        • Which contest your entry is for, including the month and theme we’ve listed.
        • Your story or testimonial, up to *2* minutes.
      • Please follow-up your audio entry by sending a photo of yourself to contest@parentstoolshop.comWe must have some image to go along with a written or audio entry.
    • Where to type in stories. We will be announcing the contest on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest, so just post your story as a reply to that announcement.
    • How to submit photo with audios or written stories
  • Don’t worry; your audio/video doesn’t have to be perfect, far from it. We’re providing a way to call in your story. And if you don’t have a camcorder, most smart phones have a video camera built right in.  Just give it the old college try and I’m sure you’ll be fine.


  • Anyone can enter and you get points for spreading the word!
  • By submitting an entry, you agree to give us permission to use your video/audio/story. (See permission form. You don’t have to sign it. Again, your entry submission is your permission.)
  • You must own the rights to a photo or video submission or obtain signed permission from the people in the photos/videos if they are not you and your children. (Use same form as link above, but have it signed and
    submit it to us

Contest Rules:

  • Under no circumstances will you use SPAM techniques to promote the contest.
  • Absolutely NO EMAIL SPAM.
  • NO SPAM AT ALL in any Social Media, Social Networking, or Social Bookmarking Sites. Use BEST PRACTICES when using Social Media sites to promote.
  • You will include Affiliate Disclaimers, as per the FTC Advertising Guidelines
  • Be transparent and authentic. We will treat your visitors with massive respect and give them value during our campaigns.
  • entering the contest, you acknowledge that you agree to and understand the terms and conditions of the PTC Monthly Contests.