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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

Preventing Morning Delays and Bedtime Hassles


It’s hard to believe some children have a hard time waking up Christmas morning! If they have a hard time waking up when presents are waiting for them, imagine what everyday mornings are like!

Getting kids up in the morning, ready, and out the door can start your day off in a stressful way, which can make everyone grumpy and late.

So today’s is the grand-finale of the weekday gifts: the “No More Morning Delays teleseminar resource package. Just click that link to see The Top Ten Morning Delays most parents face, then claim your free copy of the resource package on the description page with coupon code: MD100


If you would like your day to be stress-free, from morning to bedtime, then also take advantage of the grand finale…




 Do you remember how hard it was to get to sleep on Christmas Eve, knowing Santa’s coming?

Some children have a hard time getting to sleep every night! In fact, there are 10 different types of bedtime challenges you and your children can face. Each one is different and if you don’t know which type of problem you are dealing with, you can accidentally create a nightly nightmarish routine!

When bedtime hassles happen, it can end your day in a stressful way — and responding to them helpfully when you are already tired means you are less able to handle it skillfully.

What you need is a formula for knowing which of the 10 bedtime problems you are facing and exactly what to say and do in each situation.

So today’s grand-finale Bonus Gift Basket includes: the “Halting Bedtime Hassles” teleseminar resource package. Just follow these guidelines and you literally may see changes overnight!

The skills you need to get kids into bed, asleep and staying there all night are found in the Cooperation and Misbehavior Toolsets, so this bonus gift basket includes all three teleseminar resources, plus a complimentary three-month membership to the Parent Success Club, all wrapped up for Christmas in one discounted bundle basket worth $89.70.

Through midnight Christmas Eve, though, you can get this grand-finale gift basket at a 70% discount, for only $17.95.

Best of all, the tools you learn will help you prevent and solve any problem involving uncooperation or misbehavior, so every morning, day, and evening can go more smoothly in your home.

Just click each link above to see a description of each resource, then order your discounted holiday bundle basket using the button below…


Just click the button and the get the entire resource package placed in your cart
for only $17.95, a 70% discount.