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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

Resources for Parent Educators



with or without Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitator certification


Products for Parents, Professionals — ANYONE!



Parent Educator Package (PEP) Discount Kit

No Parents Toolshop® Group Facilitator certification required! This discounted package includes the following:

  • The Parents Toolshop® book
  • Outcome-Focused Parenting Skill Assessments
  • Parent’s Toolshop Puzzler
  • Interactive Activities for Parent Education Groups
  • Interactive Activity Prop Kit
  • A Parents Toolshop® Tote bag
  • Marketing Magic: Secret Tricks for Increasing Your Visibility and Success

See descriptions of these resources below, except for the book; just follow that link. Click on the link below to buy all these in a bundled discount ($150 when purchased separately). If you order the PEP kit, you don’t need to order any of its contents separately. If you’ve already added any of these individual items to your cart, remove them when you order this package.

  • Download items 2-4, Ship The Rest (Save $35!): $114.95

Interactive Activities for Parent Education Groups

First Edition, © 1998. ISBN: 0-9659119-7-7
If you provide parenting-skill training programs, this packet is for you. You will learn 30+ interactive activities that will spice up your groups and let participants have fun while learning. Activities include cooperative games, partner activities, role plays, and dramatic demonstrations that drive a point home, or make a profound analogy that helps parents remember what they learn.


Interactive Activity Prop Kit

We searched the whole world over to compile the props and supplies used to present the activities in the Interactive Activities manual. The handy storage/carrying case contains a spiky ball, inflatable hammer, four boxes of dominoes, earmuffs, sunglasses, finger pull, crown, ruler, silver platter, clipboard, handcuffs, carrying case, handle, and case label. An $85 value if purchased separately. You save over $30! (item styles/colors/sizes may vary)

  • With Interactive Activities Manual : $49.95
  • Without Interactive Activities Manual: $34.95



Outcome-Focused Parenting Skill Assessments

© 1998, ISBN: 0-9659119-6-9
This outcome-focused assessment process was developed for The Parent’s Toolshop® by a United Way Ph.D. specialist. Now, any professional who works with parents, teaches parent education programs, or provides a skill-based prevention program that needs outcome-focused evaluation results can benefit from this powerful tool. It comes with a diskette/CD containing the tool, forms and reports in three PC formats so you can adapt it to your needs and still obtain reliable results.

Now it includes a FREE 15-page bonus report with tips for custom-designing your Outcome Measurements. PLUS a handout from the workshop, Proving Prevention Works: Using Outcome-Based Assessments in Parenting-Skill Training Programs. (A $15 value!)

CLICK HERE to get more information and a sample.

  • Download Manual & Forms: $29.95
  • Videotape On Using Tool: $34.95

The Parent’s Toolshop® Puzzler

If your family life feels like it’s shattered, it’s time to put the pieces back together again. These 15 printed master puzzles and answer keys offer a different puzzle for each parenting skill from the Parent’s Toolshop® book. Parent educators can use this handy resource as an interactive class activity or homework assignment to build literacy skills and make learning fun. See a sample HERE!



Marketing Magic: Secret Tricks for Increasing Your Visibility and Success

Are your programs not finding an audience? If your marketing plans aren’t amounting to much, let us help you stop wasting time and put your professional strengths to good use. Become a savvy marketer and learn the secrets of tweaking traditional marketing tools to boost your program’s visibility and success.

This 34-page handout come from a full-day workshop and includes dozens of ideas in over a dozen different marketing areas – complete with lists of resources and links. Get fresh innovative ideas to improve your current marketing efforts or to start new projects that will revitalize your program. Time is running out! Get your handout from the full-day “Marketing Magic” workshop.

  • Digital Download: $9.95

Products for Parents, Professionals — ANYONE!