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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

Resources for Parents/ Anyone


Resources for Parent Educators
with or without Parents Toolshop Group Facilitator certification

* Bulk discounts will be automatically calculated for The Parents Toolshop book. ALL products are eligible for bulk discounts. Place a phone order to receive bulk discounts on 4+ copies of any single item.


The Parent’s Toolshop: The Universal Blueprint for Building a Healthy Family

By Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE
(PDF e-Book, 456 pages, © 2000)

You can overcome any parenting challenges with this award-winning book. Get invaluable step-by-step advice that will enhance your parenting skills, no matter what age your children are. The Parent’s Toolshop® book is the ultimate resource for the Universal Blueprint®, which helps identify, prevent, and respond to any possible parenting challenge.

Each chapter explains dozens of practical tools in easy-to-understand terms. There are cartoons, real-life stories, applications to common parenting situations and practice exercises. Plus, the 150+ tools are so universally effective, they even improve adult relationships! Click here for a detailed description.

To avoid international shipping charges, order the digital edition.

  • Soft cover book: $29.95
    Bulk discounts available. (See shopping cart for details) Please select the region of the world you wish this shipped to when checking out.
  • E-book download: $19.95 (registration to 1 PC required)

Universal Blueprint® Choose Your Own Solution Parenting Hint Book

Here’s the next best thing to a one-on-one consultation. That’s because this 35-page e-book is an interactive guide that will help you through the parenting process, step-by-step. You will learn the basic steps and tools of our patented Universal Blueprint®, the one-of-a-kind effective-response planning formula presented in The Parent’s Toolshop® book.

The book is simple to use. Just answer the question at each step, then click a link or turn a page to find where your answer leads you. You will get ideas for what to say and do during each step, based on your answer. Use it over and over to find individualized solutions to any parenting challenge involving children ages 1-18. Click here for more information.


Monthly Teleseminar Series Resource Packages – includes AUDIO and PRINT resources

Did you miss out on any of our live teleseminars? Or maybe you just want to have them for future reference. Then this is what you’re looking for. Each resource packet includes:

  • The recording of the one hour teleseminar
  • Detailed handouts to follow and reference later
  • Bonus resources such as related articles and videos
  • Optional resources for more advanced information and advice

Packages range in price from $0/Free to $10 to $19.95 for Deluxe Resource Packages. See resource descriptions and order from the archive page.

Lunch & Learn Audio Series

Lunch & Learn AUDIO Series

This audio series compiles the crème de la crème of the Parents Toolshop® book. It reveals the top four-star tools from the book in ten one-hour audio presentations that you can listen to anywhere you’d like. Choose individual topics or get the whole series at a discount. For detailed descriptions of each audio session, click here

Individual Sessions

  • Download: $14.97 (High-Speed Internet Connection Recommended)

All 10 Sessions:

Peacemaking Skills for Parents: An Overview of The Parent’s Toolshop®

If your household is a war zone, it’s time to call a truce. Licensed and certified family life educator Jody Johnston Pawel presents a dynamic, interactive 90-minute overview of the key concepts and skills of the Parent’s Toolshop® that will bring a calm peace to your family.

Universal Blueprint® Home Study e-Courses

Would you like to count yourself proudly among the ranks of Parents Toolshop® Graduates, but can’t take an in-person class? With these home study e-courses, you simply read The Parents Toolshop® book, complete the practice exercises at the end of each chapter, and answer 56 review questions. Then submit them within six months to qualify as a Toolshop Graduate. Click here for a detailed description of this program.

Choose an age focus:

  • Home Study for parents of TOTS (1-5): $24.95
  • Home Study for parents of TWEENS (6-11): $24.95
  • Home Study for parents of TEENS (12-18): $24.95
  • Home Study for parents of ALL AGES: $24.95

You will need a copy of The Parent’s Toolshop® book for all the Home Study programs. If you do not have a book, click here to order one.

Optional Add-on: Want the author to personally review your assignments, do a pre/post skill assessment and write a personalized report?
Add this personalized service for $74.95 (valued at $475)

Optional add-on: Pre/post skill assessment report: $50.00

CFLEs, Social Workers, Counselors: EARN CEUs!

Universal Blueprint® Professional CEU
Home Study e-Courses

With this home study program you read each chapter of The Parent’s Toolshop(r) book, answer 56 review questions, and a CEU Program Evaluation within six months. This program does not offer the author’s personal review of your answers or a skill assessment.

Ohio Social Worker, Counselor and MFT and International CFLE CEUs are available for this home study program. CLICK HERE for more information about Parent’s Toolshop(r) CEU programs and how many CEUs this program offers.

You will need a copy of The Parent’s Toolshop® book for all the Home Study programs. If you do not have a book, click here to order one.

11-inch by 17-inch Universal Blueprint® Poster (with magnets)

Do you need a reminder of all the skills you learned from The Parents Toolshop®? Get a copy of this 11″ x 17″ poster that summarizes all the key skills from the book. Hang it on your fridge, or wherever works best, to give you an instant reminder of the Universal Blueprint’s® problem-solving techniques to quickly get you through a crisis on a moment’s notice.

  • Universal Blueprint® Poster: $7.95

Parents Toolshop Tote Bag

Lighten your load with this handy black tote bag. It’s a roomy 15-7/8″ x 20-1/4″ x 5-7/8″ with a 6″ gusset with Velcro® closure at the top. A full-color “parenting tools” design is on the front.

Parents Toolshop T-Shirt

You’ve learned many new skills of parenting with The Parent’s Toolshop®… now wear them with pride with this white short-sleeved t-shirt, which has a full-color “parenting tools” design on the front. (50% cotton/50% polyester)

  • Parents Toolshop T-Shirt SM-XL / XXL: $13.95 / $16.95
    (Choose size in cart)

Shared Blessings: Creating and Facilitating Stay-at-Home Parent Discussion Groups

By Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE
(Revised Edition, ©1999, 50 pages, ISBN: 0-9659119-9-3)

Are you a stay-at-home parent who would like to meet other parents just like yourself? Shared Blessings is a manual that will help guide you through creating a member-led group that offers parent discussion groups, play groups, a cooperative preschool, and dozens of others services. You get tips on how to find other parents, organizing groups and activities, leading topic discussions, and stimulating ownership of the group among its membership.

  • Shared Blessings: $7.95

Disciplining With Gospel Values

The Disciplining with Gospel Values handout is from the two-hour workshop. It has scriptural references organized by The Parent’s Toolshop® toolsets.

  • Digital Download: FREE

Invite the Author to Speak!

Invite Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE, author of The Parent’s Toolshop®, to custom-design a presentation or skill-building workshop for your next parenting event or professional training program.