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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Parent Whisperer™ TV Show





Almost every week during my 30-year career, someone says to me, “you should be on TV!” I have been doing TV interviews for 30 years and did have a parenting tips TV show for a couple of years, many years ago, so I’m certainly open to doing my own show.

While that’s always flattering to hear, what’s really interesting is that countless people have suggested the exact same TV show idea. “I wish you could come home with me and whisper in my ear exactly what to say and do when I’m in the thick of a challenge.” I often laugh with them…and in my mind try to figure out how that would work…and concluded that it was just too high-tech to pull off — until now! Technology has finally caught up to these parents ideas!

Now I’ve seen some reality shows thatuse a variation of this method, but had one of the following concerns:

(a) the expert was right there and too invasive and interfering or

(b) it was reality TV drama with little educational value or

(c) the advice they gave was simply inaccurate and ineffective; it gave quick fixes that worked for that week, but research would suggest the results won’t last.

So my idea is to have an edu-taining show that not only shows some parenting drama and how to defuse it, but more importantly educates the viewer so they can learn the tool the parent used and get great results with their children.

Please take a brief survey to share your ideas and thoughts about my proposed Web TV Show, “The Parent Whisperer™”

Your input would be beneficial, so click her to take the brief survey.

If you would like to participate in the show, drop me a quick note,  If there seems to be an interest, I’ll follow up with you to start planning the series.