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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Parents Toolshop

Picky Eaters & Food Issues Audio Package

(included in the Parents Toolshop® Teleseminar Series Album)


Okay, it’s confession time; I was (and to some extent still am) a picky eater. In my defense, I have had a lifelong medical condition that makes it hard for me to eat spicy foods or eat quickly…and I have had some bad experiences with lumpy foods. (Gag!)

My daughter isn’t a very picky eater, except for lumpy foods, because she had some bad experiences, like taking a swig of spoiled milk.

My son, on the other hand, was a “salad bar kid” and while he’s not daring in any other way, he is quite willing to try new foods. Mothers in the homes he visit love him for that!

So is picky eating a genetic tendency? Science says that answer could be yes, but in the nature vs. nurture discussion, there are definitely things you can do to help your children be healthy eaters and respect their preferences.

Then there’s George Carlin, who hilariously admits to being a “fussy eater,” simply because of the names of the foods he doesn’t like.

Anderson Cooper, of CNN, who admits to being a picky eater who eats the same meal, every meal, every day, for months, to have some control in his life.

Then there are three-year-olds who can tell you quite eloquently why they don’t eat meat.

And I bet you are among the millions of parents who were told to be “clean platers” as children, who have to finish all their food before leaving the table or being served their own leftovers and made to eat them before eating anything new.

 Is it any wonder we all aren’t picky eaters or have food issues…or are we, to some extent? And isn’t it a wonder sometimes how our children can survive on what little they deem fit for their plate?

In this teleseminar resource package, hear a live discussion with parenting professionals and real-life parents, just like you, and you’ll discover:

•    Why some children are picky eaters and practical suggestions for getting children to try new foods and eat healthier,
•    Surprising insights about food allergies and the role they could be playing in some of the problem behavior you are seeing,
•    What to do when children play with their food (and make messes) instead of eating it,
•    How to prevent or stop emotional eating habits,
•    Childhood obesity,
•    … and more!

This deluxe resource package includes:
•    Digitally remastered Audio
•    Full Transcripts
•    All the Resources Available to the Original Participants
•    Bonus resources such as links to related articles on the Parent’s Toolshop® website

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Picky Eaters