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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

The Parents Toolshop® Maintenance Quick Start Guide

 The Parent’s Toolshop®
Maintenance Toolbox Quick Start Guide Package
(Included in the Parents Toolshop® Guidebook)

Thick Book B_3D_flatYou’d like to start having family councils, so your children can learn communication and decision-making skills, feel more like a part of the family team, and to build closer family relationships. You’ve heard some horror stories, though, about bad experiences other parents have had when trying them. You want to avoid these, if possible.

You have a power-hungry boss, an energy-sucking co-worker, and your mother-in-law is often mean and sarcastic towards you, criticizing you in front of the children. You want to know how to use some of what you have learned about the Universal Blueprint® in your adult relationships, too.

To Teach Children The Skills You Have Learned And To Apply Them In All Your Relationships, You’ll Want To Use…

The Parent’s Toolshop® Maintenance Toolbox

In this Quick Start Guide you will receive …

The Maintenance Toolbox lessons from The Parents Toolshop® Guidebook:

Family Council Toolset:

  • Give your children the skills that will help them succeed at school and as adults in the work world, by using and modeling these skills in family councils.
  • Have children who complain less about rues and decisions, because they’ve already had a chance to voice their opinions and have them considered.
  • Find win/win solutions without voting, so there won’t be “losers” who sabotage decisions. Everyone will agree and follow through with their agreements.

Using the Universal Blueprint in Adult Relationships:

  • Bring peace and harmony to all your relationships, by adapting the parenting skills you learned for self-improvement, to improve your adult relationships at work or home.
  • Know how to respond helpfully to any relationship challenge, using the Universal Blueprint® in adult relationships.

30-day trial of the Parent Success Club Membership:
Weekly Support Webinars/calls where you can engage in…

–     Discussions with like-minded parents about the topics you are learning and other parenting topics you want to discuss.
–     Open Q&A, to:

  • Clarify content in the Guidebook lessons
  • Get help applying what you are learning to your family.

–     Bonus: get a free Hug seat, normally only offered to Parents Toolshop® Graduates.

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Here’s what other parents have said about The Maintenance Toolbox

There is almost no shouting in our house now and our son thrives on contributing to the household, when asked. — Lisa Landers

These skills empower my employees to solve their own problems, which makes them — and me — more productive. — Bryan Belden

This has opened new doors for all our relationships and has literally stopped the door slamming effect in every area of our lives. — Allison Wilson

If everybody had access to the information taught in this class and applied it to their parenting, children and parents would definitely be happier and healthier. — Lisa McCoy

When you see and hear your own kids practicing and using these techniques amongst each other and with their play friends, you know it’s working!! — Dodie Munn

Are You Considering Starting To Have Family Councils And Want To Know How To Use The Universal Blueprint In Your Adult Relationships? Then Get The Maintenance Toolbox Quick Start Package NOW!

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