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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

The Parent’s Toolshop®
Foundation Building Toolbox Quick Start Guide
(included in The Parents Toolshop® Guidebook)

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You are committed to being the best parent you can be. When parenting challenges arise, you try to stop and think about the best response. Sometimes, though, this just takes too much time or you still aren’t sure what to say and do. You want some new skills to try.

Sometimes, usually when you are tired, frustrated or out of ideas, you find yourself reacting to parenting challenges. You revert to saying and doing things you regret. Some of it you know is from your own childhood and some is just your personality. You know no parent is perfect, but you’d like to be less reactive and handle challenges more calmly and helpfully.

You and your partner also disagree about how to parent. Your partner tends to be stricter than you’d like. You feel bad for the kids and try to make it up to them by going easier on them. Then your partner says you are being too soft. You’re just trying to balance the scales, but the kids are getting confused, playing you against each other, and the two of you are growing angrier and farther apart.

You like the idea of having a parenting plan you both could use to make decisions and solve problems. You want more information so you can try it out to see if you can get better results than you are getting with trial and error.

Every parent brings their own childhood and personality into their parenting. That can lead to less-than-helpful reactions and conflicts with parenting partners. Getting on the same page is a lot easier when there is a plan you both can use to reach your shared goals.

To Be The Parent You Want To Be, Using An Approach That Will Benefit Your Family For Generations, Get You On The Same Page With Your Parenting Partners, And Working As A Team, You Need…

The Parent’s Toolshop® Foundation-Building Toolbox

In this Quick Start Guide you will receive …

The Foundation-Building Toolbox lessons from The Parents Toolshop® Guidebook:

Beliefs & Mindset: These are the foundation of your parenting, so you want to…

  • Be proactive, so you can prevent problems from starting or stop them early, before they get worse.
  • Get accurate information and advice, so you can get the best long-term results.
  • Be a conscious parent, instead of reactive or resistant, so you can heal the child in you while raising your own children to be the best people they can be.
  • Have a plan that you consistently follow, so you can get better results than trial and error can bring.

The Parenting Styles Toolset:

  • Create a stable, solid, balanced foundation on which to build your family.
  • Set your goals, so you know what skills and qualities you want to help your children develop.
  • Choose the best parenting style to reach your goals, so you can avoid the common long-term consequences of accidentally using less-effective parenting.

Using the Universal Blueprint®:

  •  Discover the three questions you need to ask — and know how to answer — to get on the most-effective path for solving the challenges you are facing with your child at any second in time.
  •  Know which steps to take, when to take them, and which tools to use at each step, to respond calmly and helpfully to any parenting challenge.

Free 30-Day Trial of the Parent Success Club Membership:
Join weekly support webinars/calls where you can engage in…

–  Discussions with like-minded parents about the topics you are learning and other parenting topics you want to discuss.

–  Borrow the benefits of hearing problem-solving sessions (called “Hug Seats”) with Parents Toolshop® Advanced T.I.P.S. (Tools for Improving Parenting Skills) Graduates.

–  Offer ideas and support to other parents on the call.

–  Ask your questions, to:

  • Clarify content in the Guidebook lessons
  • Get support in applying what you are learning to your family.

Here’s what other parents say about The Foundation-Building Toolbox


The Parent’s Toolshop® has made me more aware of positive parenting skills and has shown me some definite ways I could improve my relationship with my children. I now find myself stopping to think more before reacting. I feel more positive about my parenting and helpful that my children will benefit from this in more ways than I can even see at this point.    — Maura Hamilton

It totally opened my eyes to parenting. It not only taught me about parenting my child, but also helped me realize things about my childhood and why I reacted to situations as I did. It made me look at parenting a whole new way. — Tabitha Markley

Parenting Styles

My wife and I have agreed more about our parenting in the past three weeks than we have in the past three years! — Joe Hood

I learned a lot of things about myself and how my parents were! I do a lot of things different now with my kids and husband and it really does work. — Amanda Kallmeyer

The entire essence of my personality has been power and control, from Vietnam to being a business owner.  I am so much more calm, handle problems more consistently, and am able to control my temper and ‘buttons’ better. If I can change, anyone can! — Craig R.

The Universal Blueprint®

By using the Universal Blueprint®, it addresses every possible parenting dilemma.  — Holly Anderson, M.Ed., RN, NCC, Therapist

At work, I have weekly, quarterly, and yearly goals. To achieve these goals, I develop a plan that I think (and hope) will work. I attend workshops, seminars, and classes to learn better methods to work my plan. The Parent’s Toolshop® has the same effect on working my parenting plan. Knowledge is power. — Rich Munn

The “Universal Blueprint®” is an innovative way to choose helpful responses to problems, including those in adult relationships! Most important, the advice is positive and trustworthy.  — Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., Author of Positive Discipline

If you want to chart a course to reach your parenting goals, using the fastest most-effective path, in a way that prevents long-term problems and you and your partner can use as a team, then get The Foundation-Building Toolbox Quick Start Guide NOW!

Only $4.97

This is a web-based course, so after you complete your transaction, you’ll be redirected to to set up a blog membership to access these secure lessons. Please follow the order and blog account set-up completely to be sure you access your mini-course smoothly.