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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Parents Toolshop

Solving Sibling Strife

(included in the Parents Toolshop® Teleseminar Series Collection)

Sibling conflicts are inevitable, but sibling rivalry is not. There are simply strategies you can use on a daily basis to prevent sibling conflicts, and a three-step process you can use when sibling strife arises. Together, these can teach children how to resolve their own conflicts respectfully and independently.

If you are tired of being a referee and want your children to know how to resolve conflicts with their siblings and peers, then this resource package is for you.

In this hour-long recording of a live discussion with parenting professionals and real-life parents, just like you, you’ll discover:

  • The three best tools for preventing sibling rivalry
  • The three steps to resolving sibling conflicts without grounding, taking over, taking away toys or being a referee.
  • Two techniques to use when you need a “quick fix” that also avoid taking over the problem and solving it for the children.
  • The pitfalls to avoid when doing sibling mediation, reviewing each step and what to do and what to not

This deluxe resource package includes:

  • Digitally remastered Audio
  • Full Transcripts
  • All the Resourcesavailable to the original participants
  • Bonus resources, including:
  • An excerpt from The Parent’s Toolshop® book on “The Top Ten Most Common Sibling Challenges and Exactly What to Say and Do For Each.”
  • Quick links to related articles on the Parent’s Toolshop® website, including:
    • Problem Solving with children, as a couple, as a family.
    • Competition: Healthy vs. unhealthy, comparisons, sports, sibling rivalry.
    • Bad influence: siblings or peers can be poor role models and bad examples. What to do?
    • Emotional Outbursts in Children: how to respond to children’s negative emotions.

Listen to a sample:


Child Videotaping Use Policy: Relationship Toolshop® International Training Institute, LLC and its licensed representatives do not endorse and, in fact, discourage the videotaping and internet posting of children misbehaving, where it resides forever. While parents may find it cute, funny or think it could serve as a deterrent for the child, the high probability of the child feeling embarrassed, humiliated or even shameful make it a practice we discourage. Such videotaping can, in many cases, escalate or reward misbehavior. If a child starts misbehaving while a parent is videotaping, we encourage the parent to turn off their camera and tend to their child in a loving, respectful, skillful manner. Furthermore, RTITI and its licensed representatives shall only use existing videos of misbehaving children for parent education purposes and shall only request parents videotape their child’s behavior for private distance-coaching purposes, so we can observe both the parent and child’s behavior before, during and after a recurring problem for which they are seeking support. When requested, it is with the agreement that the video not be posted on the internet and to be erased once the coaching/educational purpose has been served.