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Friday, January 27, 2023
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“The Controversy about Corporal Punishment” audio resource package download

Thank you for accepting the gift of “The Controversy about Corporal Punishment” audio resource package. You should receive an email with links to all the resources. There are so many, you’ll want to save the email, so you can easily find these links again. You will surely want to refer to them time and again.



After reading about Santa Threats and other forms of punishment, you probably realize how easy it is to be less effective than you intend to be — and you probably have a lot of questions, including:

What is discipline? Most people think “punishment” and “discipline” are the same; nothing could be further from the truth! You will likely be surprised by the differences and realize you have even more questions than those free articles can answer. So you’d like more details and personalized answers to your questions.

How do you know when you are crossing the line from effective to ineffective, discipline to punishment, and helpful to harmful? It is so easy to cross the line, you will surely want additional information and personalized guidance to help you be as effective as possible.

What tools can you use to discipline effectively, what tools do you want to avoid, and which tools are most over-used and misused? Without knowing more about these tools, you can easily and unintentionally end up punishing children unhelpfully or even harming children’s self-esteem or psyches. Today’s gift basked will give you the Formula for Effective Discipline and even the exact words to say and actions to take.

It’s so easy to accidentally fall into the many traps that punishing children can lead to. You have good intentions, so equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to support your intended goals — responsible, self-disciplined children who can learn from their mistakes without being punished.

To support you in doing this, we’ve prepared a one-time-only, special-collection resource package especially for today’s topic. In this Bonus Gift Basket, you will receive:

  1. Take the Bite Out of Discipline teleseminar resource package (a $14.95 value),
  2. A free three-month membership in the Parent Success Club (a $44.85 value), so you can get support around this very important parenting issue. (If you are already a member, you can “remove” this item from your cart. Since it’s already free, it won’t change the total.)

The teleseminar resource package includes the audio, transcripts and bonus resources and the webinars/calls will provide you with support and trouble-shooting as you apply what you learn to your children and family.

Click the links above to see what you get in each resource package. Then be sure to use the links on this page to get the whole resource collection for a one-time discount.

Total Value of this Holiday Thanks & Giving Bonus Resource Package is $59.80

It can be yours for only $11.96 (an 80% discount)

IF you use this coupon code BITE

before midnight (EDT) Wednesday, December 10, 2014