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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Parents Toolshop

Solving Sibling Strife Giveaway

Thank you for accepting the Relationship Toolshop® Season of Thanks & Giving Event gift of the “Solving Sibling Strife” resource package. You should receive an email with a link to all the resource in that package. Thank you, in advance, for honoring the digital download agreement.

If you would like more detailed training in preventing and responding to sibling conflicts, then consider accepting today’s…




While you are probably imagining your children being kind, taking turns and sharing their gifts during the holidays, the reality is that jealousy over gifts and other sibling conflicts can just as easily arise as other times of the year.

Parents Toolshop® offers a variety of educational resources on the subject of Preventing and Solving Sibling Conflicts, from free articles (you’ll get links in the gift resource package you receive) to a 3-hour, 6-hour and 6-week class! There are so many issues that can arise and so many pitfalls you can fall into that most parents keep asking for more!

So in today’s gift basket, you will receive every Parent’s Toolshop® resource on siblings — some of which aren’t even available to the public, except in today’s bonus gift basket.

This one-time special-collection bundle includes:

  • The Lunch & Learn workshop audio session on F-A-X Listening (a $14.95 value), which is the core skill set you need to master to helpfully intervene in sibling conflicts — and all other “Child problems,” without taking over.
  • The newly-released Advanced Sibling Workshop HD training video & lesson, currently only offered in live training workshops and in the On-Line TIPS course. That session alone, by itself, is valued at $59, because it includes:
    • The full, advanced teachings on preventing and responding to sibling conflicts, including how to do both quick on-the-run and “full-length” sibling mediation.
    • The workshop handout that’s only provided in the advanced training workshops, including specific step-by-step instructions for responding helpfully to the Top Ten Most Common Sibling Squabbles.
    • Videos of not only the workshop presentation but a live demonstration of sibling mediation and several practice role plays by the participants. This is what will especially help you avoid common pitfalls!

Today’s bonus gift basket has a total value of $73.95, but you can get it through midnight Friday, December 12th at an 80% discount!

Just click the button below and use coupon code ASW80 to access these secure resources.


Here’s to Peace on Earth & in Your Family!