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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Parents Toolshop

Tidiness Excerpt Giveaway



Do your children have too many toys? Well, they’ll be getting more soon!

In preparation for the holidays, you’ll want to help your children make room for the new toys in Santa’s sack. To do that, they’ll need to release some old toys, which can be tough for some children.

You’ll also want to prevent toy overwhelm and clutter by teaching children how to clean their rooms, organize their toys, and pitch in around the house.

So today’s gift is an excerpt from The Parent’s Toolshop® book on “Too Many Toys” and teaching children how to organize their belongings. Just fill out the form below and you’ll receive a link to this pdf file in an email.  Be sure to check out the Bonus Gift Basket below the form for additional resources to teach children tidiness.


That excerpt is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to taming too many toys and teaching children cleaning and organizational skills. You may want to learn more about teaching children how to clean their rooms, do chores, whether and how to give allowances, teaching children money management with the allowance they receive, and other skills.

So today’s one-time-only special-collection gift basket offers you all the tools and tips you need.

  1. The first resource in the gift basket is the Teaching Tidiness” teleseminar resource package, normally $14.95, which is jam-packed with audios, articles, and bonus resources. Be sure to check out the description of all you get. It’s truly one of the most value-packed teleseminars of all in the series album.
  2. The second resource in the gift basket is the Independence session of the Lunch & Learn audio series. Since cleaning is only one skill you need to teach your children why not learn the best tools for teaching any task, behavior or value. This toolset is the one that will best help your children become self-sufficient, responsible adults and the time to start using them is now, no matter how young your child is. This workshop audio/transcript/resource package is usually $14.95, but is included in this special gift basket at no extra charge.
  3. The third resource in the gift basket is support for you, through the live weekly Parent Success Club support calls/webinars. The skills in the Independence Toolset are just one parenting skill set, and teaching skills is the key tool to use to prevent almost every imaginable parenting challenge. So you’ll have lots of questions and situations you’ll want support around — and this weekly webinar/call is just the place to get it. The monthly membership is usually $14.95 per month, but this gift basket gives you a free three-month membership. Your membership will continue after your free trial and you can cancel your membership any time. If you are already a member, you can remove it from your cart and the total will stay the same, since it is a free gift.

So check out the links above for a few videos and more details. Then come back here and click the link below and get all these resources, a $74.75 value, for only $14.95.


P.S. Remember, all the gifts and discounts expire at midnight Wednesday, December 17, 2014